Traveling with Migraines

Traveling with Migraines

Because it's the internet, I will preface this with the fact that I am not a doctor or medical professional. These are just tips that have helped me in the past. Migraine. There are very few things in life that are worse than this insufferable asshole. They come on when you’re least expecting one, surprising…

The Top 5 Skincare Items you Need in your Carry-on

The Top Skincare Items you Need to Pack in your Carry-On

Is there any worse feeling than after 8 hours of being in a stuffy airplane, feeeeeling your skin become greasy and yet dry at the same time? I will not board a plane without my thermal spray (even if it's just a two-hour journey) or make-up removing wipes. I know, I sound like an absolute…

So you Want to Get a Tattoo Abroad

So you want to get a Tattoo Abroad

I knew that happening on a shop that was clean, professional, and had a walk-in spot open within an hour was some sort of a miracle. There are tons of places in my own city that I wouldn't think of entering without extensive research, but somehow, when I was out in a foreign city, all of the smart senses escaped me and the giddiness of doing something so wild and fun took over.