Cozy Ways to Self-care in the Winter Months

While the days are starting to get longer, the weather is still cold and the sun still dips down below that horizon before 6:00pm. Self-care, whatever that means to you, is important and extremely so in the winter months when we are hiding away in our homes, rarely going outside and seeing the sunshine. Here…

Colouring: An Easy way to Relax at the Airport

Colouring: The Meditation for Those who Don’t Meditate

I figured I could jump on the band wagon, I mean, even Vogue has a colouring book! Although, it did feel good to sit and chill out for awhile, not thinking about the next thing that needed to be done or what I was going to do the week - or months - ahead. Sitting on an airplane with nowhere to go, people surrounding you, can get a lot of people feeling anxious