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When people think of Amsterdam, the first things that come to mind are weed and hookers. And, while you can easily find both of those things in Amsterdam, it’s not all that the small town has to offer. There are so many other museums and Instagram-worthy shots to be taken by the canals, and there's…

So you Want to Get a Tattoo Abroad

So you want to get a Tattoo Abroad

I knew that happening on a shop that was clean, professional, and had a walk-in spot open within an hour was some sort of a miracle. There are tons of places in my own city that I wouldn't think of entering without extensive research, but somehow, when I was out in a foreign city, all of the smart senses escaped me and the giddiness of doing something so wild and fun took over.

It's Okay to Eat McDonald's Abroad, I Promise

It’s Okay to Eat McDonald’s Abroad, I Promise

A lot of people think that they have to stick to the local food when traveling; else they give the type of tourist vibe where you're only in town for the cheap souvenirs and sights. These are the travelers, or rather, trip-goers, that locals hate; the ones who wear fanny packs (who doesn’t hate a…

Ever wondered what it would be like to do yoga outside in the snow? The Fire & Ice Yoga Festival at Fort Whyte Alive made Winnipeggers feel the burn - even in -40

Fire & Ice – Yoga Festival for Snow Angels

There are lots of things to do in Winnipeg if you look hard enough. For those who have grown up in this city, complaints about the town – whether it’s the winter, the potholes, the mosquitoes, or the driving – is top of mind. But, for a city in the middle of nowhere, there are…

Colouring: An Easy way to Relax at the Airport

Colouring: The Meditation for Those who Don’t Meditate

I figured I could jump on the band wagon, I mean, even Vogue has a colouring book! Although, it did feel good to sit and chill out for awhile, not thinking about the next thing that needed to be done or what I was going to do the week - or months - ahead. Sitting on an airplane with nowhere to go, people surrounding you, can get a lot of people feeling anxious