Work with Me


Tired of trying to think of new blog topics and writing them all before dawn breaks?
I feel you.
Feeling the squeeze of needing to grow your Pinterest traffic?
Been there.
Maybe you’re a business that needs a little bit of extra help in your SEO content, driving more people to your website?
Don’t we all.

If you’re saying yes to one of the above, or at least nodding appreciatively, I can help!

I can help with content writing, blog writing, real estate writing, proofreading and editing, and social media management.

I’ve a degree in English and experience in tutoring, which means I don’t just read books for fun, I like to write about them, too. And, then make other people read them and write about them.

Not sure what you need help with? That’s okay! I can help you figure it out.

A few companies I’ve worked with in the past for content creation or social media:

Judy Lindsay Team Realty
Flight Network
Promo Codes

Client Testimonials:

“Great to work with! Her writing was always top quality and needed very little editing. I will definitely use her again” – Sarah. Writer’s Manager. 

“Michelle is absolutely, hands down one of the BEST writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her command over the English language is astounding and her dedication to her work leaves me wanting for nothing. High recommended” – Sonal. Freelancer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below. Let’s start building your empire!