How to Send Flowers to a Hotel Room

How to Send Flowers to a Hotel Room

There's always been something I wanted to do when friends went away on a trip: I've always wanted to send something - anything! - to their hotel room. I never really had the money to send flowers or champagne or a delicious surprise; everyone would always have to make do with a text or call…

The Top 5 Skincare Items you Need in your Carry-on

The Top Skincare Items you Need to Pack in your Carry-On

Is there any worse feeling than after 8 hours of being in a stuffy airplane, feeeeeling your skin become greasy and yet dry at the same time? I will not board a plane without my thermal spray (even if it's just a two-hour journey) or make-up removing wipes. I know, I sound like an absolute…

The Perfect Airport Outfit

How to Look Good in the Airport: A Guide on What to Wear When Traveling

Traveling is full of excitement; however, some of the most exciting bits happen before the exploring actually takes place. Planning a trip is half the fun – the excitement builds for your new adventure, you think of everything you’re hoping to do, daydreaming about the new city you’d be in right now if only you…

So you Want to Get a Tattoo Abroad

So you want to get a Tattoo Abroad

I knew that happening on a shop that was clean, professional, and had a walk-in spot open within an hour was some sort of a miracle. There are tons of places in my own city that I wouldn't think of entering without extensive research, but somehow, when I was out in a foreign city, all of the smart senses escaped me and the giddiness of doing something so wild and fun took over.