Birch Water: what is it and is it worth the splurge?

Over the last year or so I’ve been looking into all kinds of health benefits of plants and drinks and looking to add more to my diet. Mainly, because of my migraines, but also because I feel more connected with Earth this way.

I’ve always wondered if you could eat sap, and it turns out drinking it has been a thing for years.

I found a company from B.C. that makes all kinds of birch water beverages and I’m hooked. It comes in easy to take along pouches, it tastes delicious, and hydrates the heck out of you.

Because it’s loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals it’s the fucking business for your body. I figured it would be great for migraines, and like trying anything for them, the jury is still out. I will say that I was feeling sluggish and gross one evening, had a birch water lemonade and felt refreshed and awake after.

Just as it sounds, birch water is the birch tree sap from the tree. You may be wondering if it’s sticky and extremely sweet like syrup – it’s not! The consistency is just like water; when you boil sap, it keeps all the sugars and boils down into syrup. When you just tap the tree, it comes out like a watery liquid. A surprisingly delicious liquid.

I ended up experimenting and making a deliciously refreshing summer beverage:

Raspberry Birch Water Lemonade:

1 tsp of lilac simple syrup (or, lemon simple syrup or raspberry simple syrup. No simple syrup? Use a sprinkling of sugar or your favourite sweetener. If you like sour beverages, the sweetness from the birch water will be enough)

1 lemon, juiced

Fill glass half with birch water, raspberry flavour

Add lemon juice and simple syrup or sugar

Fill the rest with club soda

Mix and enjoy!

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