How to Grow a Sunflower Privacy Fence

A living privacy wall is something of a beauty. It looks absolutely gorgeous on its own and gives you a little bit of a hide-away feeling whether your neighbour is right beside you, or you just want a little privacy within your yard. It’s so easy to plant and take care of – and you’re helping pollinators!

While cut sunflower varieties look absolutely gorgeous, they don’t grow as tall as regular sunflowers (or those giant ones you can buy now!), so if you’re wanting some purple sunflowers, plant them in front of your sunflower wall for some extra colour, depth, and keep your privacy height.

How to build a sunflower privacy fence | The LT Edit
This is about 8-10 rows for a thick privacy fence.

Start by mapping out where you want your wall.

Dig into the earth, clearing the grass and debris until you have a good spot for your seeds.

If you aren’t planting them right into the ground, use long planters or a raised garden bed. This option is perfect for smaller yards as it’ll give you good fresh soil to work with without having to dig up too much. Plus, it will give you added height for even more privacy!

A sunflower privacy fence is more than just beautiful - it's beneficial, too! | The LT Edit
This isn’t in my wall of sunflowers, but had the best close up of butterflies. It doesn’t matter which you choose – cut or regular – pollinators will flock to your sunflowers

Plant your little sunflower seeds in a row. Spacing them out by 3-5 inches.

Add a second row 3-5 inches in front of your first row. Two rows will be good enough to give you privacy, but if you want to plant 3 or more rows go to town! There’s nothing like a large grouping of sunflowers to cheer up any day.

Water when needed. Sunflowers can handle a bit of drought, but still need waterings.


Plant a beautiful living privacy wall of sunflowers | The LT Edit

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