How to make a cat grass box your cats will love! The LT Edit

How to Make a Cat Grass Box

My cats have been going nuts as winter progresses from warm and mild to its normal bitterly cold temperatures. My cats love going outside, and I won’t see them until supper (sometimes well after!) In the summer months. Figuring they needed a little bit of nature to mosey around in, I decided to make them a cat grass bed.

I did this on a much smaller scale with just a pot of cat grass, last year, and they loved it. It was a plant that they were allowed to eat and bat at and play with, and it helped keep them out of mine!

Grab a plastic tub. We had one lying around, so I just used what was on hand!

I filled the bottom with some paper as I didn’t have a lot of soil. Then, I popped potting soil on top.

Lay down your seeds. I mixed mine half and half with cat grass and regular grass. Spread them out with your hand so they get snuggly in the soil and don’t end up in giant clumps.

Water generously, every day until sprouts show up.

Once you’ve quite a few shoots, sprinkle some more seeds down to make it thick.

Water every few days.

Keep it shut away from the cats, especially if they’re diggers, as they’ll disturb the grass before its grown.

Once its lush, let your little munchins play! It also makes for a nice spring feeling, and their little paws will smell of fresh grass, which is absolutely delightful.

How to make a cat grass box your cats will love! | The LT Edit
So happy, she couldn’t even handle it

*pro tip* if your cat is a huge digger, like mine, make little pots of ‘sod’ to replace any spots where they dig. She mainly likes to roll around and lay in the grass, content as can be, but sometimes, she gets excited and wants to dig. Though I’m not worried about digging, as the grass box isn’t my plant, my cat rip up half of the grass so that she couldn’t play in it, anymore. I made tiny pots of ‘sod’ to put down whenever she did this, and it makes it so she doesn’t have to wait for the grass to grow back and makes it so she calms the fuck down a bit.

How to make a cat grass box your cats will love! | The LT Edit

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  1. Great story and idea until my 9 yr old niece caught the f word at the end. the only down side.

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