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5 Skincare Favourites for February

It’s February, which means that winter is still given’r out there. Which also means dry skin that needs a little extra attention. Here are the 5 skincare favourites for February:

Chia Facial Oil
This facial oil by Cocokind is ahmazing. I usually use my dandelion balm for my face, but as I ran out of the oil, and have dandelions in the middle of winter, I needed something a little different. Plus, it’s just fun to mix up your skincare routine every so often and try new things.
It goes on so easily with a simple dropper and makes my skin feel so, so soft. I still have acne, even though I’m in my 30s, but this moisturizes just enough to make my skin supple and not too greasy. Best of all, you can get it at places like Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Zero Eye Cream
I haven’t used a true eye cream in such a long time, instead, just opting for my coconut and dandelion oil. While that leaves my skin soft, an eye cream just goes so much further. My eyes feel, and look, so awake, refreshed, and oh-so-soft. I seriously can’t stop touching my face, even though we shouldn’t be touching our faces right now. Best of all, you can buy this eye cream at Shopper’s Drug Mart, too.

Zero Face Wash
I’m a big user of charcoal facial bars, and I love them more than any cleansing wash, but I didn’t have any curing, or any inclination to make any more soap, so I decided to just buy a face wash in the meantime. This leaves my skin feeling refreshed and incredibly soft! A perfect go-to for the winter months when you want something a little more moisturizing and a little more gentle.
You guessed it: you can buy this at Shopper’s, too. Could you see that I went on a little shopping spree there a couple of months ago?

Editor's Picks for Skincare in February | The LT Edit

Pumice Stone
I never really used a pumice stone before. I had always just headed to get a pedicure every couple of months, and decided that that was good enough for my feet. Well, with a pandemic raging about, a pedicure isn’t as easy to access, or feel comfortable in doing so. This bad boy is perfect for flaky, dry, icky feet. Which are, basically, my feet 24/7. Use it before bed with a lotion to wake up to softer feet, or in the bath after they’ve been soaking. Cheap and makes you feel like you’re spending a day at the spa, even if you’re just trying your best to rub away dead skin.

Foot Butter
A game changer! Who likes to touch their feet to put lotion on? Especially at the end of the day when your feet may be sweaty and smelly? No thanks. This foot butter is incredibly moisturizing and comes in a container similar to a deodorant tube, letting you lotion your feet right up without having to touch your feet. Genius.

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