How I Got Rid of Plastic Wrap in my House for Good

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Plastic wrap and I have known one another forever. It was used to put away leftovers that didn’t need a container, used to cover bowls, used to wrap my sandwiches for work and/or school, used to keep paint brushes fresh. Plastic wrap is so damn versatile and can be used in more places than the kitchen, making it the smartest affordable item for your home. Except, there’s one GIANT problem with plastic wrap: it’s plastic. And, it’s not recyclable. I used to fight with plastic wrap constantly, trying to find the perfect one that actually clung to food – fun fact: cling wrap doesn’t cling that well – while also trying to find one that wouldn’t break and fall out of its tiny box before I was done using it all. Eventually, I found that the Costco plastic wrap was superior in both its handy box, how long it lasted, and how well it clung to the sides of bowls. So, I bought a giant box of it, happy as can be.

Then, I started living a more eco-friendly life, waking up to the horrors that humans are responsible for. I didn’t want to use plastic wrap in my home, anymore, but what the hell was I going to use? How was I going to get to a home that didn’t have plastic wrap in it, and was it even possible? Hell yah, it is! I will preface this with the fact that it took me years to get to this place, mainly because I was trying out different things to see what worked for me, but also because I still had that GIANT box of Costco plastic wrap to use up. Always, always use the things you still have! Or, donate them.


Beeswax Wraps
These were the first things I tried. I thought they were so damn neat and promptly asked for some for Christmas. These were one of the easiest items to wean myself off of plastic wrap as they work so similarly. You just place your food item in the wraps (no meat!) and wrap them up like you would with plastic wrap. I tried a couple of different types and they all seem to work the same. The wraps above are from a shop I absolutely love and use their hand soap, dish soap, and laundry detergent! All plastic free!
I don’t use beeswax wraps anymore, mainly because my parents ended up throwing them out when they were cat-sitting for us last year as they didn’t understand what they were. I had moved onto other items that work better for me when trying to put foodstuffs away, so no worries on this end! Not everything shown in Instagram feeds and on blogs will work for you and your family, so test out a couple of things and see how they work for you!

This is, mainly, how we keep food in the fridge. Any leftovers go in containers, as do cut up veggies or fruit, and cheese. It works soooo much better than plastic wrap, and I have no idea why we ever jumped on the plastic wrap wagon when we had so many other great options. Containers aren’t new concepts. I also use a bread box, placing muffins or buns in them, instead of wrapping them in plastic wrap.

Stasher Bags
These, by far, are one of my absolute favourites. They’re expensive as all get out, though, so we only own a couple of them. Which is fine, as the best way to keep things stored and fresh is to use a few different methods. I’ll keep adding to my collection every so often. They work the same as ziplocs, helping you get rid of even more plastic in your home. They’re also perfect for sandwiches or cut up veggies, letting you get rid of the plastic wrap for lunches.


Bowl Covers
Why, oh why, did these ever go out of style?! I love bowl covers! You can get some that are big enough for casserole dishes, too, negating the need for plastic wrap when you’re feeling too lazy to put into containers, or need to bring a casserole dish over to someone’s house. They’re perfect for those who are too lazy to do anything else, making them absolutely perfect for myself and my family. Just pop onto the bowl and away you go! Wash when needed and store in a drawer. Easy. Peasey. You can find lots of options on Etsy, like the one above, or most other stores, as well! I got mine from Simons, and add some on every order or so. Gotta get that free shipping, right?

These also work well for covering bowls of rising dough! I’ve always just used a tea towel draped over the bowl, but if you’ve been an adamant plastic wrap user for dough, then pop a bowl cover on and stop ruining the Earth with plastic!

Compost Bags
Okay, so this one seems ridiculous as you won’t be putting your food in a compost bag to keep it fresh, but this is for the paint brushes! They just need to keep from drying out, so it’s not like plastic wrap has the monopoly on that. Wrap your brushes in compost bags. While they won’t be able to go into your compost after, for obvious reasons, they won’t be adding more plastic to the word!

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