What is Grandmillennial style?

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Finally, my style tastes are trending. Grandmillennial style is a thing and I can’t be more excited. My mom often tells me I have ‘Baba style’ and immediately hates nearly everything I love. Lace curtains adorn my windows with secondary velvet curtains (cause lace don’t do shit to keep the light out, no matter how pretty) , floral is my go-to fabric, and my dinnerware set is patterned and literally from my Baba. I’ve already been living that grandmillennial life, and now it’s in style.

It’s time to embrace your old lady style.


I’ve recently begun to get into cross stitching, something I had never done before until my friend bought me a Golden Girls cross stitch kit for Christmas last year. Now, my work is proudly on my wall, a la the framed needlepoint of grandma’s house.

Record players have become a thing these past years, and while I own a bunch of records, my player is circa the ’70s. A hi-fi sits proudly in the corner of my room, looking beautiful and dapper, while golden wire shelves hold the records I pilfered from my dad. Hi-fi’s were entertainment units that looked like a piece of furniture. Why did they ever stop making TVs and such into furniture? It just looks so much classier than a flat screen hanging on a wall. The wooden box TV my Baba has is absolutely adorable, and my hi-fi brings a little something extra to the room. Decorated on top with picture frames, plants, and antiques, it fits in seamlessly with my grandmilennial farmhouse style.


Wallpaper is making a HUGE comeback. Instead of the ugly floral designs, they’ve been re-imagined for something a little more fresh and modern. Graham and Brown have the best selection of wallpapers. It’s where I found my design for my closet and couldn’t be happier. They may be on the pricier side, but their quality is top notch. Not ready to wallpaper your room, but want a little splash of something? Try a floral patterned pillow with an old-school vibe, like the one above, allowing you to dip your toe into wallpaper without the price or work.

Plants have been making people smile forever, and we’re finally getting back into the benefits of having plants in our homes. There is nothing more ’70s than some built-in planters, or a whole living room turned jungle. So, bring in your plants, DIY a built-in planter, or add a ‘privacy screen’ of plants.


Apparently, quilts are making their way back onto sofas, again. I’m not sure why they left, as a good snuggly quilt can make a chilly winter night much better. I’ve always mixed and matched my throws with giant quilts, knitted beauties, HBC stripes, faux furs, and of course, the Hannah Montana blanket I got years ago. So, dig up that old quilt you inherited years ago, buy a fresh one, or start making your own. It’ll fit right in with grandmillennial stylings.

I’m not sure why this type of decor is trending, but I’m absolutely loving it. Perhaps it’s stemming from the antique and thrift store obsession the world has been on, so as not to add to our ever-growing waste. Perhaps we were feeling nostalgic for our grandparent’s, or parent’s, houses while we socially distanced this whole year. Perhaps everyone got tired of the monotonous, utilitarian-esque minimalist style that has been trending for the last few years. We’re in our homes more than ever and realize that we want to feel happy and comfortable, not sterile and uninviting. The sleek, minimalist design looks great as an airbnb or office, but at home? We need a little more decor, a little more chintz, a little more nostalgic fun.

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