What to Pack for Winter Glamping

Last year, I went winter glamping. It was no where near roughing it, and was an absolute amazing experience.  While there was running water in the Wasagaming campground, that won’t be true for all of the campgrounds. Some may only have outhouses and you’ll need to remember that when it’s -20 and you have to pee in the middle of the night. Research before you go to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

This is an exhaustive list for winter glamping, but one for a campground with facilities. Add on a couple of extras (like tp and wet wipes) if needed and you’ll have everything you need to glamping in the winter a great experience.

Socks – lots of them. Extra warm socks for those colder days, thin socks if your feet get warm and you don’t want to wear thick ones inside the Ontentik or cabin.
Extra undies – your booty will get sweaty from hiking! Doesn’t everyone pack enough underwear in case you suddenly piss yourself every day on your trip, anyways?
Yoga pants/sweats. Anything that you feel good hiking/doing activities in.
Comfy pants for the Otentik/Cabin/Yurt/whatever you’re staying in.
Real winter boots. No cutesy bullshit. Boots that will keep you warm and dry.
Moccassins or slip-on shoes to walk to the bathrooms or to grab food from the vehicle. Believe me, pulling on winter boots every time you need to pee gets old real quick. If you’re going to only have an outhouse to use, or the forest, then I would strongly suggest real winter boots for such outings.
Slippers. So nice and cozy for inside.
Ski Pants. Even if it’s warm out, they’ll keep you dry!
Lighter sweaters and lots of layering. You’ll get warm inside your little Otentik or small cabin! Plus, layering when you’re out for a hike is always a good idea.
Mittens. More than one pair in case they get wet and don’t dry in time.
Winter jacket. A REAL winter jacket.
Sunglasses, because even though it’s winter, the snow is BRIGHT!

Helpful Items
Lamps/Flashlights to guide your way to the bathrooms or if you’re sitting outside having meals. After making fun of my husband for owning some, I absolutely love head lamps. I spent a quiet morning reading outside before the sun came up so as not to disturb my tent mates and it was perfect.
Matches and other fire starter accoutrements (if you’re staying in the Otentiks in Wasagaming, just extra matches and a lighter is all that is needed! Everything is ready for you!)

Household Items
Compostable plates and cutlery and cups. Enamel cups are great for coffee because you can damn near set them on fire and they look perfectly fine.
Washing up stuff if you’re bringing anything that needs to be washed again on the trip. You can also just put it all in a bag and wash when at home. Biodegradeable dish detergent, a big bowl for washing, dish cloth, tea towel, and something to heat water in.
Water. It kind of goes without saying as you’ll have water on you, but bring more than you think you’ll need. You can get dehydrated out in the cold and making sure you have extra water on you when camping is always, always a good idea.
Bedding. If there are beds, bring sheets and blankets for a comfier stay. If not, sleeping bag it is! Plus, don’t forget your own pillow.
Extra throw blanket for by the fire or sitting at the table or couch, relaxing.

Fun Items
Books and/or magazines. Try and leave the tablets at home so you can connect better, leaving your hyper-connected life behind.
Notebooks and pens, if you’re the type to scribble down thoughts.
Any snow gear you would want like snowshoes or toboggans. If you’re camping in Wasagaming, they have a spot to rent tubes, snowshoes and the like. *This was pre-covid. Double check if you are winter camping in 2021*

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