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5 Skin and Bodycare Favourites for January

Winter is here and your skin probably isn’t looking its best. Keep it moisturized and happy with these skincare products that won’t break the bank.

Forest Bath Bomb
This bath bomb from Rocky Mountain Soap is amazing. It smells so wonderful and left my skin feeling oh-so-soft. I had never been partial to bath bombs before, but this one makes me want to try more. Lush green colour (that will leave green residue on your bathtub like Shrek just took a bath, a heads up), the scent transports you to the middle of the forest.
Check it out here.

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Wild Rosewater Toner
I’ve been using this for months and am so surprised by how much it’s helped my skin! Packaged in a spray bottle, it’s perfect for spritzing on before work instead of a full face scrub, or as a needed pick-me-up when your skin is feeling blah. Light and refreshing, this bad boy has been added to my daily routine.
Check it out here.

Spearmint and Seaweed Soap
Also from Rocky Mountain (I went on a little shopping spree and loved what I purchased), this is the perfect soap for after Christmas. You’re sick of all peppermint everything, but still want something a little icy. Smells like minty gum and moisturizes nicely!
Check it out here.

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Turmeric and Honey Face Mask
This face mask is so lovely! I stumbled upon The New New Age and have been falling in love with their products one by one. Made with raw honey and turmeric, it’s moisturizing, exfoliating, and helps fight acne. Perfect for my skin that seems be 16 going on 65, even though I’m only 32. Word of caution: do not use in the morning if you are leaving your house for any reason. It will stain your face a little yellow, so best to use at night so it fades by morning.
Check it out here.

Coconut Oil
While I’ve been using a coconut oil concoction for my face for a couple of years now, I ran out of dandeldion oil, and thus, my dandelion oil salve. I was also getting a little bored of the same old, same old and wanted something a little…different. In comes coconut oil. The stuff I’ve been using on my face is Kopari coconut melt. Just a little bit between my palms melts the oil and moisturizes my skin to perfection. Not too heavy, not too light, it’s perfect for the dry winter months.
Too oily of skin? Try a drop of tea tree oil in the coconut oil container. Mix well!
Check it out here.

5 skincare products that are low-waste and

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