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Gift Ideas that Don’t Ruin the Planet

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While the greenest way of giving a gift is to give something that’s second-hand or nothing at all, that’s not really how a lot of people operate, especially during Christmas. Gifts are fun to give and receive, and as long as you’re not buying complete junk they’ll never use again, you’re doing pretty well. Here’s my gift giving list for all of those eco warriors (and even for those who aren’t!) on your list.

Eco friendly gift guide for everyone on your list | The LT Edit

Razors are a classic stocking stuffer. I used to love getting more blades because they’re so flippin’ expensive. While I haven’t completely switched over to the most eco-friendly option, as safety razors are expensive (and can freak a lot of people out) I have switched to one with a Bamboo handle that shaves like a dream. And, yes, it’s a men’s product. Buy the whole package here. My reasoning behind the no-switch is that I get laser hair removal, which means I rarely use a razor. Also, I’m a little bitch and afraid of a safety razor.
If your gift recipient is looking to get on the eco-friendly train, this safety razor has great reviews and isn’t $60! Still not convinced to switch over? That’s okay, baby steps it is! This classic plastic razor is made from plastic that has washed up on shore.

Yoga seems to go hand-in-hand with the eco-friendly lifestyle, but a lot of mats aren’t made of sustainable materials. A cork yoga mat? That’s the sustainable business.
Drop some yoga mat spray into their stocking because yoga is a sweaty business.
A therapeutic roller ball of essential oils is perfect for those who love to get in touch with essential oils. I love the headache rollerball (Ease) as it helps with most migraines, something that I called complete bullshit on until I used it.

Upping your coffee game is more than just making better choices for the environment. It means better coffee, and what could be a better reason to switch to more eco-friendly options than that?
Wrap up a cute and chic pour over that your recipient can bring to the office, or simplify their at-home coffee making.
A gorgeous french press can change their coffee-making lives, while an espresso machine will have them crying tears of joy.

Already have someone who owns one, or all of these things, but you still want to give them something that they’ll enjoy every morning? Buy coffee, or tea, from a local shop, supporting local stores in your neighbourhood and getting your gift recipient a good cup of coffee.

Want to buy them things they’ll love that also do good? Buy them anything from TenTree and 10 trees will be planted after every purchase! #brandambassador.
I asked for a wood watch for Christmas a few years ago and absolutely love mine! I get so many compliments on it and it goes well with most outfits. Get the eco-warror and nature enthusiast on your list something that will remind them of the forests and how important they are to protect. And, not just because they make great jewelry.
Check it out here.

Good for you and good for the Earth make-up. Elate Cosmetics come in refillable packages that are made from seed paper and are housed in bamboo. Check it out here.
Gift them the gift of a non-toxic fresh mani that will take them from Christmas into the New Year, especially since nail salons aren’t necessarily open in lots of places right now. An acetone-free nail polish remover means less stink when taking off polish.
I used to think that jade rollers were complete bullshit, but then I got one for free in a monthly subscription box and I LOVE it. It feels so good, especially around the eye and jaw area (feels amazing if you’re a migraineur), is simple to use and doesn’t run out. I swear my skin looked better, too. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a nice little massage in the morning and/or night. Check it out here.

Not just granola and patchouli. Gift giving guide for the eco conscious on your list, and even though who aren't! | Luxuriously Thrifty