What if Blair and Dan Ended up Together? Could a Waldorf Really Love Someone from Brooklyn?

What if Dan and Blair ended

We all know that Blair and Chuck’s lovestory is one for the ages. We also know about Dan’s Gatsby-inspired obsession with Serena. What we didn’t know, at least in the beginning of the show, was that Dan and Blair would end up together…and happily so. So, what if they actually did end up together? As in, married with little designer clad writers running around? What would that look like? What would have happened if she had followed him to Rome, instead of falling into Chuck’s arms?

Blair would be intellectually happy

While Chuck isn’t stupid, Dan and Blair would often have intellectual conversations, even trying their hand at hosting their own salon when they broke out as a couple. Chuck and Blair were madly, head-over-heels, story-book romance in love with one another. With Dan? She was happy, content. They’d spend hours, not having Harlequin worthy sex, but talking. Watching obscure movies together, dissecting said movies, going to the theatre, to museums. They would feed off of one another’s love for great literature, art, and movies. At first I was horrified at Blair and Dan, but then it made more sense as the episodes went on. They’re similar in their intellectual mindset, if not their upbringing and wardrobe choices.

Dan would, probably, be a better writer

Dan, we gotta love him, suffered as a writer because of Serena. He would throw away chances to make something of himself just because Serena blinked those eyelashes his way. His obsession wasn’t healthy, we all know this, and while he always held the upper hand with **spoilers** being Gossip Girl, he never truly grew as a writer.

Blair would push him to better himself. She would want him to be successful, would want him to work harder at his craft, making it the best that it could possibly be. All he had ever written was about Serena. Yes, muses are fine and dandy, but they are subbed out for new ones for a reason: people get bored of the same tiresome dribble. What would Dan have to write about if he wasn’t pining after Serena? If he was happy in a relationship with someone who would give him the intellectual stimulus he needed to grow?

Blair wouldn’t have known so much heartache

While she and Chuck were bonded together for the rest of the show, Blair still suffered heartache at not being able to be with Chuck. She never had to second-guess herself with Dan. She knew where he stood, knew that he loved her, that he wanted the best for her. She always talked about being their better selves with the ones they loved, well, Dan brought out the best in Blair. Besides a few classic Gossip Girl saboteur moments, he did nothing but protect her. Chuck, meanwhile, played games and sold her for a hotel.

Strangely, I’m still Team Chuck and Blair. Dan and Blair made a wonderful couple on paper, and helped one another grow, but they could still grow while keeping as friends. Although filled with absolute atrocities, there was something about the devious love of Chuck and Blair that made me believe in fairytales.

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