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Movies and Shows to Binge This Halloween

October is such a great time of year! The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and fresh, Halloween decorations are popping up everywhere, and horror movies are playing around the clock. The horror movies are the best part for me, as a true Halloweenie – but not everyone loves serial killers and scares! Whether you’re looking for horror, comedy, romance, or children’s programming, this list of thirteen movies and shows will get you into the Halloween spirit!


This 1978 horror flick is the quintessential Halloween movie. It’s one of my fave movies in general, and I watch it multiple times each October. Michael Meyers terrorizes a group of teenagers on terrifying night in Haddonfield. A classic. The 2018 reboot is also fantastic.

Watch it on: AMC (airs multiple times throughout October).

Hubie Halloween

A comedy about a man trying to save his town on Halloween. Your typical Adam Sandler movie, this one reunites him with Julie Bowen, his co-star from Happy Gilmore. A good offering if you’re looking for a fun and hilarious Halloween movie that’s light on scares.

Watch it on: Netflix

The Haunting of Bly Manor

This moody and mysterious stand-alone series follows the highly successful The Haunting of Hill House. Based on the novel The Turn of the Screw, this is the story of a young governess who arrives at Bly Manor to care for two young children, only to witness strange apparitions and events.

Watch it on: Netflix


This reality series features families sharing their stories of hauntings, paranormal encounters, and strange encounters, with re-enactments of the events. This is a great show for ghost buffs.

Watch it on: Netflix

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Episodes

There are thirty of these specials now, so you can have a Halloween marathon! Single episodes are also great if you’re looking for something shorter to watch. I highly recommend Treehouse of Horror #1 (with “The Raven”), #5 (with “The Shinning”), and #6 (with “A Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace”).

Watch it on: TV. Disney+

Hocus Pocus

This is a childhood classic from the 90’s that never gets old! A group of children accidently unleash the three sassy Sanderson witches on the town of Salem one Halloween night, and it’s up to them to stop them. They’ll put a spell on you!

Watch it on: Disney+

October Kiss

Not everyone is looking for monsters and scares at Halloween! This is an adorable romance movie about a young woman who takes a job as a nanny, and brings some joy and Halloween fun into the lives of two children and their workaholic father. Full of love, laughs, and Halloween themed costumes and décor, this will definitely put you in a Halloween mood.

Watch it on: Netflix, W / Lifetime channels

American Horror Story: 1984

This season of the American Horror Story franchise is great for fans of slasher flicks. I loved the 80’s aesthetic, the nods to classic horror films, and the references to serial killers like the Original Night Stalker. A great cast, a great story, and plenty of gore. With eight episodes, this is great series to binge on Halloween weekend.

Watch it on: Fx.

The Others

If you prefer ghost stories to jump scares, this is a good movie for you. A woman and her two children await her husband’s return in a lonely mansion. Strange events start happening, and the woman fears the house may be haunted. A classic gothic story full of mystery and suspense.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime


This is a great Halloween movie for kids of all ages! Young Marnie Piper discovers she’s a witch and follows her grandmother to the magical Halloweentown. When an evil plot unfolds, it’s up to Marnie o try and save the day. A fun and magical movie full of spooky creatures and Halloween fun.

Watch it on: Disney+

Bob’s Burgers: Full Bars (Season 3, Episode 8)

Bob and Linda head to Teddy’s Halloween party, which quickly turns into a murder mystery. The kids head to a rich neighbourhood in search of full-sized candy bars and take on a group of older kids. This is a hilarious episode, and the costumes are awesome. Honestly, all the Bob’s Burgers Halloween episodes are great, especially if you just want something quick and funny to watch. Do yourself a favour and watch them all.

Watch it on: TV, Steam it on City TV in Canada, or Hulu elsewhere.

Trick R’ Treat

A horror movie with intersecting stories that take place one Halloween night. A group of kids decide to scare a lonely classmate, a shy teen prepares for her first adult party, a creepy killer threatens the community’s trick or treaters, a cantankerous old man gets a terrifying visitor – all while being watched by a creepy creature intent on making sure everyone respects the holiday. This is an awesome horror movie I enjoy watching every Halloween season.

Watch it on: AMC


“Viewer beware, you’re in for a scare!” This is a great show for all ages. Kids take on all sorts of monsters and spooky creatures in this classic series from the 90’s. The Haunted Mask episode scared me so much when I was younger! There are several newer Goosebumps movies that would also make for good Halloween viewing, but I highly recommend checking out the original series.

Watch it on: Netflix\

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