The Best Things to do in Fall

8 of the best things to do in fall and why it's the superior season | Luxuriously Thrifty

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I absolutely love the fall. The beautiful colours, the sunflowers, the ripe pumpkins, the falling leaves, the crips air, plaid. Even though it’s the end of a season and plants are going dormant, it feels like new beginnings. Here are my favourite things to do in the fall:

Cozy up with a book
While I love reading outside in the warm sunshine, sitting in a chair with a pile of blankets, a cat, a warm beverage, slippers and a good book is way better. There’s just something about a book, whether you’re reading during a crisp fall evening, winter storm, or rain that makes you feel cozy and happy.

Don’t know what to read? Here are two books I’m reading now (cause obviously one at a time isn’t enough)!
My day book: Humans: A Brief History on how we Fucked it all Up
My evening/night book: A Summer to Remember

It’s that time of year when the garden is being pulled out and you’ve – hopefully – piles of veggies and/or apples to be made into delicious foods. I used to think of this as a stressful chore, trying to get everything done at once, but now I think of it as a time to get to know my vegetables. It sounds silly, I know. Trying new recipes, new experiments on how long vegetables can store for/last in the garden, eating the last bits of fresh veggies (unless planting a covered winter garden), it’s all so lovely.

Back-to-School Shopping
Okay, so I haven’t gone back to school in ages, but I used to LOVE going school supply shopping. And, new clothes shopping, excited to show off my new clothes to my friends. I still like to buy a little something something to mark the new year type of feel that you get when September starts. Splurging on a new notebook and pen, or those great pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing, can feel doubly as wonderful when it’s done with the same flair as back-to-school shopping.

Because it can get way too hot at the end of July and into August, I often stop going for walks in the summer months. People are always yelling about hiking on camping trips, but I love just a walk around the neighbourhood or your local park to feel invigorated. A walk through a trail feels extra crisp when the cool air greets you. Plus, you don’t get sweaty. Pair it with a hot mug of coffee, cocoa, or apple cider and you got yourself a delicious fall day.

Baking season officially starts! I’ve talked about making cookies on the BBQ when the mood strikes, but the weather isn’t cooperating, but baking in the fall is the best. It’s cool enough that the oven warms up the house, letting you keep that heat off longer, but warm enough that you can open the windows to let a breeze in to cool off those cookies or pies.

Most mornings I add whipped cream and chocolate sauce to my coffee because why should your coffee be boring? When September hits it’s time to pull out the caramel sauce. Add it to pies, coffees, and apples!

This is my everyday sauce, but you can go as fancy and fall-esque as your heart desires. I bought a fun prosecco and caramel sauce by Joe & Seph’s from a local store that adds a little something extra to cobblers or pies, but this one by the same company is basically made for fall.

I like to light a candle every now and then in the summer, but it’s just not the same as filling a room with cozy scent(s) and a warm glow. Fall means candle season and snuggly nights! My favourite candles are Farmer’s Son Co. made here in Manitoba.

Crafting and projects take a break during the summer months as I work on the garden and just enjoy the sunshine. When most of your year is chilly to freezing and dark, you ignore everything else when summer rolls around to just enjoy it. Now that the evenings are getting longer and the days colder, it’s time to bust out some projects like my quilt I was supposed to start over a year ago, my desk I started in the spring and then abandoned for the warmer weather, and an insane amount of cross-stitching.

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