Are Acupressure Mats Worth it?

Are acupressure mats worth it? | Luxuriously Thrifty

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Since we’ve been locked down on self-isolation and social distancing, my neck has been hurting more and my migraines have worsened. Nothing out of the ordinary for the start of a new season, but I’m blaming the exacerbated pain on the fact that I haven’t beeen able to get a massage in months. Even though in my part of Canada we’ve loosen up restrictions, I’m not sure I feel comfortable being that close and being touched that much by someone, especially when it comes to the wicked amazing face and head massages my massage therapist does.

So, after going on a bit of an ordering spree, I decided to – finally – try out a
Spoonk mat. I asked for one for Christmas last year and have had my eye on them for a while, now. They’re relatively affordable (under $100 on Amazon for a mat, travel size/pillow and a roller ball. Check it out here), yet I just didn’t see why I should be spending more money when I already go for massages every 3-4 weeks.

But, those massages ended so now I’m the proud owner of a Spoonk mat. I know, I’ve said that weird-ass weird a couple of times and still haven’t explained myself. A Spoonk mat is an acupressure mat that can help relieve tension. My massage therapist leans towards a thai massage where she uses a lot of acupressure in her massage, stretching and getting into the fascia. It.Is. Delightful. They even beat the $250 massages I’ve had at fancy spa. While they aren’t nearly as luxurious, I feel so much better afterwards. And, that’s the whole point of a massage, isn’t it?  Thinking that an acupressure mat should do the same thing, I bought it.

First week of having the mat has been a success! A little timid, at first, I only stayed on for probably around 5-8 minutes. I never timed myself, but laying on the mat, though relaxing, still freaked me out. I had poked my finger (no blood) and it fucking hurt, so I was worried how my back look would after a session.

Turns out, fine. And, amazing. I placed mine on top of a yoga mat for added comfort and put the whole shebang under my aracia palm tree so when I looked up I had a beautiful view of green leaves, adding to my little self-care moment. Staying on the mat, and not moving, helps make me meditate longer and lets my whole body relax.

Heads up: the pokey bits get stuck in your hair, but it feels amazing on your head if you get migraines!

I feel, nearly, instantly relaxed and my body feels like it’s floating for the next little while. My neck feels great, although not as nice and relaxed as after a massage, which makes sense because I can’t get every little area.

I’ve been using it off and on for nearly a month now and have to say it’s one of my favourite purchases. It relieves tension in my neck almost instantly and is easy to tack onto the end of a yoga session. Not that I’ve been doing enough of that, either. My back feels lovely when using the big mat and it’s a nice little pick-me-up when my body feels like garbage.

I wondered if this mat would help reduce my migraines and it’s way too early to tell, even after a few months of use, but even if it doesn’t, I’m happy with my purchase because it feels absolutely wonderful. It can help relieve tension in my neck before a migraine starts, letting me get to the pain before it gets me!

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