How to Make a Moss and Strawberry Living Wreath

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Last year I tried to make a living wreath with succulents and it promptly fell apart. Sounds about right; this always happens whenever I get a little too Pinterest-y with my crafting.

This year, I got a great idea to make a living wreath with lettuce. Then realized that it was coming July and my lettuce would cook and turn bitter on my front door once that blazing afternoon sun swas upon it. Looking around the cabin, enjoying nature and everything she has to offer, I found the ground covered in moss and decided that a moss wreath would be perfect! But, a moss wreath is boring. So, in come the wild strawberries I scooped up from the ground with a spoon. It had rained all weekend so the moss easily came up like carpet. I sat in the car touching it and telling my husband how soft it was and how he should JUST TOUCH IT!!! too.

How to make a moss and strawberry plant wreath | Luxuriously Thrifty

What you’ll need:
burlap (or coconut fiber)
– wreath shell. I used a metal one I had lying around, but I’d assume that a grapevine would work, as well! A straw wreath would look very cute with just strawberry plants shoved inside!
– moss (a huge bowl was the perfect amount)
– strawberry plants (4-6, but as many as you can fit/would enjoy!)
flower wiring
pearl pins (optional)

Start by opening up the tines on the wreath. It doesn’t need to be super wide, but enough that you’ll get some moss in there and will look good.

Place the burlap inside the wreath, making a little boat, shoving the tines through the burlap to hold it in place.

I wrapped the burlap ribbon around it twice so it was thick and would hold a lot better. It just felt a little too flimsy going around once.

Place a piece of moss, upside down, where you want to place the strawberry plants. Pop a strawberry plant on top of the moss. Play around with the plants until you find where you want them to go. Remember that they will grow and expand so if they don’t look so big right now, it’s okay!

How to make a moss and strawberry plant wreath | Luxuriously Thrifty

Tuck a piece of moss around the strawberry plant, enclosing the plant roots. You will be using the moss like soil and keeping it protected. Don’t be afraid to rip off smaller chunks of moss, if needed, to get it fully protected. It will still live.

Once all of the plants are enclsoed in their little moss homes, place chunks of moss all around the wreath (the green side up), filling it until you have a full wreath!

Use flower wiring to tie your moss and strawberry plants down. I used the thick stuff as I couldn’t find the thinner wiring, but either should work.

Wrap twine around the whole wreath for added support.

Place pins in for extra decor. I had thought they would add some support, but I’m honestly not sure how much they really do besides make it look cute.

How to make a living wreath out of moss and strawberry plants | Luxuriously Thrifty

Tie twine around the top of the wreath, knotting it at the wreath base and then looping it and knotting to make yourself a hook!

Hang up and enjoy all summer long! Make sure you mist it daily, and give it a good soaking once a week. Or, soak it every two days to make sure it stays healthy and growing.

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