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Support small businesses while saving the planet. Reduce your footprint with these great everyday items | Luxuriously Thrifty

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Support small businesses while loving the environment! These are some must-haves that make everyday tasks easier and gentler on the environment.

by marleysmonsters

Okay. So all of thoer blog posts going around talking about a ‘family cloth’ used to gross me out UNTIL this pandemic hit and hoarders fucked shit up for everyone. Soon, we were running out of toilet paper and I ripped up some old towels to use as ‘toilet paper’.

I only use it for 1s, because it’s so much easier to wash and deal with. Also, ew. Poop cloths sitting in your bathroom. But, if you’ve run out, who cares. Do whatcha gotta do. Now, I’m wondering if I’ll ever fully switch back to toilet paper; instead, I’m thinking I’m going to keep the same routine going. It’s way gentler on my bits and pieces and on the planet.

Check it out here.

by JulieCTextiles

I used to love using toner on my face every morning and night, wiping away excess grim to reveal softer skin. But…then I realized just how many little cotton pads I was throwing away. So, I stopped using toner.
Now, I’m out there hunting for the perfect environmentally friendly toner so I can use one, again, only this time with reusable makeup wipes!

Check it out here.

by TheMillFactor

I’ve just started drinking tea. I never used to like it, but I’ve found a few that help with migraines, and now I’m hooked! While I haven’t figured out the best loost leaf tea for migraines, I pop my home-made peppermint tea right into the tea cup. Mainly, the bits fall to the bottom, but sometimes they float around, and that makes for a gross cup of tea.

These little tea bags look less annoying than a tea ball and would break down much easier. Plus, you can make a stack of tea bags, throw them in a mason jar and can pull them out whenever you’re craving a cup of tea – without the hassle of spooning them in.

Check it out here.

by BagsandBagsPlus

People are going absolutely nuts for bread nowadays, but if you don’t store it properly, you’ll have to eat it quite quickly! Which, I guess, isn’t that big of a deal. Because bread is delicious.

While my bread (and cookies and muffins and tortillas) sit in a bread box on my kitchen counter, I also have bread bags (not the ones shown) that I use if the bread box is full. Before this pandemic hit I also used it to pick up fresh bread in stores, skipping the plastic bag!

Check it out here.

by NaelieCreations

I’ve talked about bowl covers before and how I wondered why they ever went out of style, and I’m still wondering it! I purchased a bowl cover (from Simons, though, not Etsy) and I am loving it. I can’t wait to buy more covers; they make everything so much easier. No more trying to find a container, just cover and store!

Check it out here.

by NaturesWrap

I used to love using beeswax wraps, but honestly, I just use bowl covers and containers, now. Beeswax wraps are super handy when you just need to wrap a bit of this or that (like a cucumber you’re not ready to slice up yet) and did make the switch from using plastic wrap to using no plastic wrap much easier.

Check it out here.

by Eloiseetmoi

How frickin’ cute are these bags?! Much cuter than the regular reusable grocery bags with the store name splashed all over. Bump up your shopping style with these beauties that are safe for the environment and your outfit.

Check it out here.

by marleysmonsters

I use ripped up rags, kept in a drawer for my ‘paper towels’, grabbing whenever I need to wipe something up or clean a counter. These look so adorable and would look so cute on a countertop, displayed proudly instead of shoved in a drawer. If you’re not into the ripped up rags, or have no old clothes or towels to rip up, these are perfect!

Check it out here.

by HearthandHarrow

I love cloth napkins! I bought a couple yeeeaaars ago, barely used them and they sat in a drawer. Then, I bought a set of 4, put them in a handy spot and am using them for nearly every meal! I still use (recycled) napkins for Christmas dinners and dinners that have over 6 people in attendance since I don’t own more than 6 cloth napkins because I’m not made of money, but we’ve cut down on how many napkins and paper towels we need on a daily basis.

My husband even takes a cloth napkin and reusable cutlery to work, stopping the need to use plastic cutlery or paper napkins. Because he doesn’t work in an office, he can’t just store utensils in his desk drawer or step into the kitchen to use reusables.

Check it out here.

by FeglerMercantile

A bread box on your kitchen counter, what’s cuter? If you’re not into the bread bags, or you want a little of both, I highly suggest buying a bread box. It’s changed our life! And, by that I mean, it’s changed how we eat bread. I don’t have to make sure my home-made bread is wrapped in plastic, or eat it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t mould or go stale. I can make cinnamon roll bread, rhubarb bread, or muffins and keep those inside the bread box and not worry about them going bad, co-mingling happily with my regular bread.

Check it out here.

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