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Aculief Migraine Relief Device. Does it work?

Throughout my migraine journey, I’ve tried so many things. First, it was drugs. I was ready to ingest as many drugs as I could to numb that pain and let me get back to my life. Eventually, the drugs stop working and you’re left wondering what else you can do. I tried specific migraine-related drugs, but after one left me feeling like I was experiencing a heart attack, I was done with trying rescues that neurologists thought worked. I got onto my preventatives and that seemed to make the migraines better, but I still had a bunch, at least 2-5 a month. I still had that pain and still needed something to help me. When I stumbled across Aculief, an acupressure device for your hand, I thought why the fuck not. It was only $25ish bucks, so if it didn’t work I wasn’t going to feel too bad about it.

Luckily, for me, it helped!

What does it do? It puts pressure on the LI4 pressure point, located on your hand – the squishy part between your thumb and pointer finger. It can help to relieve head pain and tension, something migraineurs know all too well. You can wear the device and still go about your day, which is something I was really excited about. That meant that I could still go into work if I had a slight headache, armed with salty foods, a Coke, and the device on my hand.

It took me a while to find the right spot to put the device on my hand. It comes in three sizes, but it doesn’t really fit exactly how the picture shows you if your hand is bigger or smaller than the model’s. I found that it kind of worked, but just on low-pain migraines. Which was fine with me, because if I started all of my rescues (berries, ginger, Aculief, relaxing/sleep) early enough, I could often kill the migraine before it got too big to handle.

Months later, I figured out the perfect spot for the Aculief on my hand and it has made a big difference. It may not make the migraine go completely away in seconds, but adding it into my toolbox has been a huge help. I don’t believe that just one migraine rescue will do it all, so by mixing a few rescues together, I can get a really good result.

So, is it worth it? I’d say absolutely. Because it’s not as expensive as a lot of other rescues out there, it’s not a big commitment to try it out and see if it will work for you. It may be the best thing you ever bought, it may bring relief every so often, or it may not work at all for you. That’s the problem with migraine rescues and everyone’s bodies: there is just too many differences for everything to work for everyone. But, at $25 bucks, what do yo have to lose?

Migraine Relief. Does Aculief actually work? | The LT Edit

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