8 Ways you Can Support Small Businesses and Stave Off Boredom

8 Fun Ways you can Get Rid of Boredom While Supporting Small Businesses | Luxuriously Thrifty

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I love all things Etsy! Its where I get my deodorant, where I find adorable items that I just need. During this pandemic, people are facing hardships and small businesses are disappearing. While supporting any business right now helps out, I don’t know need to know everyone’s financials to know that it’s harder for a large-scale company to make it through hard times than it is for a small one. If you still need some stuff, support your small and local businesses.

Bored at home? Check out these great craft kits that will keep your mind busy and let you stand with small.


Everyone’s learning how to entertain themselves. Start a cross stitch that fits in perfectly with this crazy time and also just gives good hygiene advice. Check it out.


Don’t have any of the bits you need to make a cross-stitch? This bad boy comes in a kit!
Check it out.


Dont want to cross stitch? Buy an already made one. It may not keep you from boredom, but it’ll remind you to keep it clean.
Check it out.


Okay, I’m done with the cross-stitch. I promise.
I can’t believe I’m putting this one on the list because I hate the fact that scrunchies are back, but you can make your own! While I hate wearing a scrunchie in public, I secretly love them for at home…they feel soft and don’t seem to give me as bad of a kink as a regular hair tie and don’t feel and look like a supervisor’s keychain like those plastic garbage ones.

Anyways, no one’s leaving their house, so you might as well enjoy this scrunchie trend from the comfort of your home where no one can see it…the perfect way to wear scrunchies!
Check it out.


This super cute embroidery kit! It may be similar, but it’s not a cross-stitch, I promise!
Check it out.


So flippin’ simple, but if you don’t haave the supplies or the care to make up your own pattern, grab this kit! Super cute and pounding nails into some wood is a great stress reliever, and I know we all have mad amounts of stress and anxiety right now.
Check it out.


Because we’re all taking so many baths right now to relax. Well, except me because my bathroom with the bathtub is under construction! Spend an afternoon making your own bath bomb and then spend the evening relaxing and enjoying your hard work.
Check it out.


Cozy up with this pillow kit. So, it may be a little more expensive and a lot more work than the other kits, but if you’ve ever wanted to try weaving your own pillow, now is the time!
Check it out.


Cute as all hell. Legit, what else to say? This little bear is cuter than cute!
Check it out.

8 Fun Ways you can Get Rid of Boredom While Supporting Small Businesses | Luxuriously Thrifty

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