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Super Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Spring is here and it’s time to switch out your winter decor for your brighter decor, celebrating all things blooming! I made this super easy spring wreath a couple of weeks back when the self-isolation started and I realized I couldn’t get to the craft store. Luckily, I keep a bunch of crap in my house because I’m a light hoarder. I was able to make this spring wreath in under an hour and with stuff I had already in my home. And, it turned out way better than expected!

How to make a super cute spring wreath with items around your home | Luxuriously Thrifty

What you’ll need:
– embroidery hoop (or any other type of hoop wreath or frame will do)
– yarn
– scissors
– twig
– bird (since we’re working on what we have, if you don’t have a bird, swap it for a squirrel or a flower. You can make your own burlap flowers! I did this for my wedding bouquets and they’re relatively easy)

Step 1.
Grab your embroidery hoop and tie a piece of yarn around the top. Start looping it through, over and over again until you get to the middle of the hoop. This is where your twig will rest. You’re literally just wrapping it in yarn, super easy peasy.

I had another ball of yarn leftover from when I did a very similar winter wreath, but with pinecones and a little bit more of a wrapping technique. If your yarn isn’t as fluffy as mine, you’ll end up with a tighter wrapped wreath.

Step 2.
Once you get to the middle of the hoop, place your twig on top on the hoop. Wrap the yarn around the twig and the hoop, securing the twig. Keep wrapping until it feels tight and continue wrapping until you hit the other side of the hoop. Secure the other half of the twig to the other side and continue wrapping until you get to the top.

Step 3.
Tie off your yarn, either covering up the metal loop at the top or leaving it bare, whichever works best for you. If you will be hanging it through the metal loop, don’t cover it too thoroughly or you won’t be able to get it through anything!

Step 4.
Add your bird or whatever you have found to go on your twig. I used an old bird from my Christmas decor and spray painted it a chalky pink I had sitting around from my chair upcycle. My bird was already attached to a clothespin, but if yours isn’t, I highly suggest gluing it onto one as it was so easy to move around to find the right spot on the twig.

Pro tip: clothespin it to a paint stirrer to make it easier to spray paint!

Step 5.
Hang up and enjoy!

super easy spring wreath DIY tutorial | The LT Edit

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