10 Ways to Enjoy Winter

I know, I know, everyone hates winter. Except me. I love it. I like the frigid cold days that usually mean the sun is shining brighter than the summer months. I like the softness that snow brings. I like hoar frost coating the trees and shrubs, making everything sparkle. Winter doesn’t have to be horrible and just a time of year you yearn for warm weather. Here are some fun things to do during the winter months whether you’re embracing the cold or just waiting it out.

Meditate outside
For real. It may seem like a crazy thing to do, but just go and sit for 5-10 minutes for a nice meditation. Bundle up and close your eyes, breathing in the wonder of winter.

Grab your skates and head out to your nearest river trail, duck pond or skating rink. It doesn’t take much to get the blood flowing during a nice skating session, plus you can look cute as fuck, if you so choose.

Tobogganing isn’t just for little kids; grab your own toboggan and head out there to bring back fun, winter memories.

You can rent snowshoes at a lot of parks, or if you’re ready, buy some of your own to make a great day out in the snow. You won’t be stuck to the hiking trails and can explore your local parks a little better.

Go for a walk
While my walking outdoors is usually much longer and mainly has to do with walking back and forth in my yard while I water all of our plants, walking outside in the winter can still be good. Provided you’re bundled up and okay with heading out for a shorter jaunt than usual. Winter doesn’t seem so bad when you spend some time outside in it. I know, it sounds crazy.

Get out there and actually enjoy the winter months | Luxuriously Thrifty

Try outdoor camping
Yep, for real. But, I’m not talking about real camping, pitching a tent on the forest floor kind of camping, I’m talking about glamping. Rent a yurt, cabin, or an otentik and get outside and back to nature. It can be a cozy weekend to rest and recooperate or a weekend full of outdoor activities.

Lean into cozy
Getting cozy is what winter is all about. I was starting to feel guilty about staying in, bingeing TV, reading and being generally lazy until I realized that if it were warmer and sunnier out, I’d most likely be outside working in the garden or doing yoga under a tree. Take advantage of the chilly winter months and do all those lazy things you never want to do in the summer.

Both downhill and cross-country. Remember when everyone was cross-country skiing? Let’s bring that back! It can be a great way to get the family outside and partaking in a fun activity – together.

Get out there and actually enjoy the winter months | Luxuriously Thrifty

Outdoor spas
This one will only work if your city or town has one, but if it does, definitely add this to your winter list! People tend to flock to outdoor activities when the weather is nice, but by heading to an outdoor spa when the weather isn’t so mild, you get to experience a relaxing atmosphere that just feels more calm and cozy in the winter evening. Plus, it’s immensely invigorating if you come out of a sauna or hot tub into the cold.

You know what I hate to do in summer? Bake. I even figured out how to bake cookies on the damn BBQ I so badly don’t want to turn the oven on in the summer. Always wanted to try your hand at making bread? Get into it during these cold months! Have a craving for a chocolate cake? Make it! Make your favourite cookie recipes and freeze them for the warmer months so you always have delicious baked goods on hand and don’t have to buy from the store.

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