Easy to Store Vegetables to Plant in your Garden

Easy to store vegetables that can last for months after harvesting | Luxuriously Thrifty

Garden veggies are delicious and so fresh, but they only feed us a few weeks out of the summer. Fresh lettuce, snipped straight from the garden just makes salads taste better, but what if you want to enjoy those veggies through fall and winter? Which vegetables are perfect for storing?

All of these vegetables require very minimal effort to be stored for long-time use over the colder months. That means no canning, freezing, or drying any of these. Just wash, cure (aka dry out for a couple of days before storing), and pop in a box, basket, or ziploc for fresh veggies all winter long!

Two years ago, I had so many potatoes that I had boxes of them stored downstairs. It was late February and I was still using up my potatoes to make home-made french fries for a get together. The girls saw it as fancy and delicious, I saw it as the cheapest way since I had free (or seemingly free) potatoes ready to go.

Store them in a cool, dry area. A burlap bag or a basket with holes (like a laundry basket!) works well to keep your potatoes fresh as long as possible. But, they will still last decently long in just a plain box. I’ve done it before and while the bottom potatoes may not make it through, you can still have potatoes for 1-2 months after harvesting.

Onions are an amazing storing vegetable. Cure your onions (dry them out for about a week), either snip off the green tops that should now be brown and place in burlap bags or a basket with holes or braid the tops.

I’ve never tried braiding, so I’m not sure how big a pain in the ass it is, but I’m strangely excited to try!

Garlic can be cured just like onions, and you can either braid the garlic together or snip off the tops and store in a container with air.

Carrots are easy vegetables to grow and they last for a really long time. Keep them cool and well-ventilated and they should last for 1–2 months. I’ve had carrots last past Christmas! If they get a little rubbery, no bother, just check out my tips here.

Spaghetti Squash
If kept in a cool, dry place then spaghetti squash can last months!

Store the same as spaghetti squash.
Really, any type of squash can be enjoyed months after harvesting as long as it’s stored properly.

If you’re looking for the ultimate storage keeper of plants that you can grow, then quinoa is it. Quinoa is very hardy and was the only plant really thriving last year when we had a horrible hot, dry summer with a drought and grasshopper invasion so bad I was waiting for the apocalypse. Unfortunately, my beautiful quinoa got rained on in fall and didn’t turn out.

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