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8 Ways to Decorate your Home for Winter

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Winter is a weird time in the decor world; Christmas has just taken up all of your time and patience and once it’s all taken down the home can look a little…bare. It’s not time for the joyous pastels of spring, but your home needs something, right? This is how I decorate my home in the winter months.

8 ways you can decorate your home in the winter months | Luxuriously Thrifty

We always get a real tree for Christmas and end up burning it in a nice bonfire after. Instead of just hauling it off to the field before we’re ready for a bonfire, I stand it up in the front of my house for some added nature inspiration.

8 ways you can decorate your home in the winter months | Luxuriously Thrifty

During Christmas, I often buy or receive a few arrangements. I love having fresh flowers in my home and I can’t just head out to cut them from the garden like in the summer months, I have to buy them from the store. There’s always a couple of things in each arrangement that far outlive the flowers and I keep those for a wintery display in my home.

8 ways you can decorate your home in the winter months | Luxuriously Thrifty

I keep the woodland creatures around. This little cutie, along with a polar bear, get put up in December and stay up until March (my designated month to start taking down the winter decor and adding some spring decor).

These three birch candle holders were originally made as winter decor, but I liked them so much that they end up staying up all throughout the year. They look extra wintery in the colder months, though, adding some much needed warmth in January and February.

Snag your own without the work here.

Pinecones! Sparkly, taken from trees or ‘snow-dusted’ from arrangements in years previous. Coupled with a couple of birch sticks that were saved from older winter arrangements from a few years ago, it makes a nice little wintery scene right by my fireplace. Pinecones are so easy to use as decor and I have another bucket filled with them, along with two mason jars with tapers stuck in (and never lit so as not to burn the whole place down) and smaller pinecones scattered along my mantel.

Candles! There are so many candles in my home that are happily lit almost every day during the colder months. This coffee table display is changed out with sparkly gold antlers and ornaments during December and then winterized with some icy pine and, of course, pinecones once the holidays are over.

There’s just something about a pine tree that screams winter. I bought this little cutie in December and plan to plant this guy in my yard come spring. For now, it’s adding a little wintery green to our bedroom.

Because we all need a little colour in our lives. I leave my fresh greens wreath up as long as possible, taking it from Christmas to winter easily. But, eventually, it starts to look a little…weathered and it’s time for a nice winter wreath to take its place.

I DIY’d this one, of course, but if you’re not in the mood for a DIY, check out this gorgeous wreath found on Etsy.

8 ways you can decorate your home in the winter months | Luxuriously Thrifty

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