The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the Planet: How you can Support Change Without Doing Much

7 ways to save the planet without doing much | Luxuriously Thrifty

Going green is something we should all strive for, no matter our political backgrounds, no matter how much granola we eat, no matter if we burn incense or not. Saving our home is just good manners and makes sense for everyone to do. But, it can be incredibly hard and daunting at times, so where do you start? Well, I have a whole section on eco-living for the everyday (psst start with The Basics). If that’s too much for you right now, don’t worry. Here’s a list of super easy things you can start doing to save the planet, without really changing your habits.

Shop at stores that are affiliated with One Tree Planted.

Like TenTree (#ambassador). There are SO many others do the same, too. And, quite a few surprising companies, like Marriott and Ford. You can click the logos to learn more about each company.

Support your favourite causes, environmental or otherwise, by simply signing and/or donating and/or sharing. Simple as that.

Recycled toilet paper

Want to save a butt-tonne (heh) of trees? Switch to recycled toilet paper! This is the easiest switch of life. You can either shop online for a subscription service, having your TP delivered right to your door by Who Gives a Crap or grab your favourite at pretty much any grocery store. Want your bathroom to be more luxurious? Who Gives a Crap also offers toilet paper made from bamboo.

We used to use Who Gives a Crap and now use cascades enviro, or the store brand recycled TP if they’re out of cascades due to our septic system.

Bamboo toothbrush

Not only are they incredibly chic, they’re eco-friendly. Stop buying plastic toothbrushes and get on the bamboo toothbrush train!

Shop local

Even if it’s just during the summer farmers markets. Even if it’s just your independent grocer or butcher. Even if it’s just to that local shop down the street for a coffee or baked good. Start small. You don’t have to go big all at once, or even at all.

Buy less

We don’t even have to get into the whole looking into labels or ingredients (for no palm oil). Just buy less than you would. Are you really tired of that lamp in your house or is pinterest telling you you need to update your living room?

Do you really need that new dress or are you feeling bad for yourself and feel the need to spend?

I get it. I buy A LOT of crap. My husband even put me on a strict budget as his birthday present. Sometimes, it’s not needed. A lot of the time I can make a justification for it. Going on a shopping cleanse made me realize that we are perfectly fine with what we have, and no, we don’t need another throw pillow or adorable serving plate. But, like, damn have you been to Anthropologie?

Buying less can help keep stuff out of the landfill that doesn’t need to be there in the first place. We are so overrun with STUFF that we’re drowning in it.

Buy a plant

What’s a plant going to do in the grand-scheme of things? Well, not much. But, it’ll help remind you just how great nature is and let you appreciate the beauty of it in your home. Being surrounded by plants makes me feel so relaxed and calm and happy. I instantly feel put-off in someone’s home when nary a plant is hanging out. So, buy a plant. Nourish it. Give that little succulent or rubber tree all your love.

7 ways to save the planet without doing much | Luxuriously Thrifty