Super, Super Last Minute Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for those who left their shopping until the last minute | Luxuriously Thrifty

Sometimes, Christmas sneaks up on you and suddenly you’re left with only a few days before the big day and no presents to give away. Don’t worry, I got you. Here are some easy gift ideas for those who have left it to the very last minute.

Gift cards. Bleh. I put these at the top of the list because they’re the easiest to grab when you’re out of time, but they’re my least favourite type of gift. While giving a gift card to someone you care about (like your wife) isn’t going to excite them, unless they really, really like gift cards, they’re perfect to pop into a card or attach to some cookies for those on your list you’re just not sure what to get.

My DIY plant hanger in case you’ve a plant lover on your list and never ordered these cute plant lover gifts. It’s a relatively easy DIY and you can be done with it and wrapped in under 30 minutes. Check it out here.

A promise to buy $*insert dollar amount* of gifts on boxing day.

Candy. Just an insane amount of candy.

A DIY plant stand with that old-ass chair you have in the basement that you’ve been meaning to throw out. Buy a small plant or two from the store to give with the present so they don’t think you’re just giving them a painted chair…
Check out the DIY here.

Books. Just head to your local bookstore (extra snaps if it’s not a huge chain!) and load up on amazing books. Unless your recipient hates reading, then…don’t do that. Not sure what they would like? Check out Sars Reads’ book giving guide here.

Any subscription box or service on the planet. I made a list of some great ones last year.

Coffee. No, not some Folgers. Go to the fanciest, most hipster, most intimidating coffee shop you can find and buy their shit. Even if it’s not good, you’ll get props for supporting local business and looking like you know what’s up. Because even if bougie coffee doesn’t taste good, you think it does because you think it has to taste good.

Super easy DIY sugar scrub. Basically easy DIYs that anyone would love on your list will come out on top when you’re pressed for time. It’s legit just sugar and oils, barely a cookie recipe! Check it out here.

Some artwork that won’t set you back a million and a half dollars. I made this one here with feathers I found in my yard, but you can buy feathers at your local craft store.
Check it out here.

Gift ideas for those who left their shopping until the last minute | Luxuriously Thrifty

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