I Tried Wool Pillows. Here’s my Take

Are wool pillows worth the hype? | Luxuriously Thrifty

I will preface this with the fact that I sleep with more than one pillow: the wool one in a normal size and a large body pillow used as one large pillow which I paid $20 at Wal-Mart for, so who the fuck knows what’s in that one.

First take: Fuck, yeah! Eco-friendly, local, and…comfortable!
When I felt the pillows, they felt like normal pillows and definitely not as firm as I was expecting and I was worried that they weren’t going to be that great, but once I laid down and found the perfect spot for my pillow (I make a pillow nest of more than one kind of pillow to support my neck #migrainelife), I was hooked.
Another exciting factor that probably doesn’t get other people’s socks off: the pillows I bought came in little carrying bags. 1. I love that because I can store extra pillows much better than just cramming them into the closet all willy nilly and 2. The bags were NICE. Yes, they were just basic, flour-sack-like bags, but I loved them. They’d be great to wrap Christmas presents in, or perfect as a shoe or purse bag when I’m traveling.
It’s the little things in life, guys.

One Week:
Well, I’ve had this wool pillow for about a week now and am loving it. It has decompressed a bit more than I had thought it would, though. I don’t know if it’s because of how I sleep or what, as we were told it would do this around the 3 month mark, but it fluffs back up nicely instead of just staying in one squashed mess. It works well for me because I like to have more than one pillow, preferably in different firmness and build a little pillow nest, but if you like a more firm pillow, buying more batting should do the trick.

I can’t get over how comfortable it is. It just feels better than a regular pillow. It’s softer in a way that other pillows I’ve had aren’t, while still being relatively supportive.

I tried wool pillows. Here's my take on them | Luxuriously Thrifty
Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash

Two weeks:
Still loving how soft and snuggly my pillow is. Mine is still, relatively, firm, but my husband’s looks like it’s been run over by 10 cars. I don’t know what he’s doing in the middle of the night, but the pillow has become heavily dented and the wool has squished to either end.
His pillow would need to be much firmer and we will have to order more filling, for both of us, soon. Well, he actually needed more filling the day we received it. If you love firm pillows, ask for the extra filling right away, or ask them to make you a firmer pillow.

Month: A little disappointed that it got much flatter much quicker than I anticipated. That being said, it’s still incredibly comfortable. If it was my only pillow, and who sleeps with only one, then I’d be calling for some more filling right now. Or, perhaps a little grumpy and heading to the store to buy a conventional pillow.
Again, this is my own preference, so if you’re looking for a pillow that doesn’t crook your neck from being too high up or lose your head because it’s too squishy, definitely try out a wool pillow.
I like that I can add more when I need, adapting to my own sleep habits and comforts instead of trying to find yet another pillow that will work.

Verdict: A good buy. While I’ll definitely be needing to add some more filling to both pillows, I’m really glad I bought these and will be buying more once my other pillows give out. I love how comfortable they are, and the fact that they’re local and sustainably made. And, if they lose a little firmness or need just a bumping up, all you have to do is add more wool instead of throwing it out and buying a whole new pillow.
Maybe my next DIY will be making a large, almost a body pillow, wool pillow.
Like I’ve stated in the first week, if you need a firm pillow, wool pillows are not for you. If you like a squishy, but slightly firm pillow, snuggle up!

Here’s where I bought my pillows.

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