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Last minute gift ideas for nearly everyone on your Christmas list | Luxuriously Thrifty

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I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Christmas is coming! Hallmark tried to bring Christmas in July, but #nothanks to that idea. December, though? That’s when the tree trimming and the decor and the everything peppermint comes out of the woodwork. While I usually have my presents all bought and wrapped under the tree a couple of weeks before Christmas, there are always a few scragglers on the list. And, as people love to point out, I’m not doing the normal thing. So, here are some super last minute gifts for the ones who are just too busy, too lazy, too over Christmas music to step out into the store and buy it all.

Chances are, someone on your list drinks coffee. They also may like some holiday drinks from Starbucks, but either refuse to pay for the drinks, or don’t have enough money to make it a habit. Get them this super chic frother that can help them take their coffee up a step. I’ve had my eye on this copper beauty ever since I realized my espresso machine of my dreams is far too much money.
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Y’all if this is not the most ridiculously useful thing I’ve ever seen in my life (besides my uber chic lipstick holder from Anthropologie). Give the gift of smoking for those who love to, but don’t have the space, or budget, for a huge smoker.
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Guess, what! You can support local without leaving your house. Amazing, right? Although gift cards are a huge no–no on my gift-giving list, sometimes a gift card is excellent. Like, if it is for a spa (hint: another gift idea) or if it’s for a local company that someone on your list has been eyeing.
This is where we get all of our beef and eggs and delightful raw honey from and it’s absolutely delicious. Sustainable farming and delicious food, what more could you want? Click here to buy a gift card.
For our pork and turkeys, we buy from this splendid farm. You can also buy some soaps and for the chic of the chic, lambskins. Click here to buy a gift card.

For those who want to spoil the plant lover on their list. This beauty can be placed anywhere, even in an office! How cool is that?
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A subscription to The Happy Newspaper. Yes, it’s a thing! Sometimes, the news gets a little too much (see my News Cleanse here) and you need some good news in your life. In comes The Happy Newspaper.
Check it out here.

For those who wander near and far. This lifestraw water bottle was an absolute saviour on our trip to Morocco! All we had to do was fill it up in the sink in our hotel before leaving for the day and we were set for water (at least for most of the day. It is way too hot to only go with one bottle of water in Morocco) leaving behind no, or really a small amount, plastic bottles.
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Super last minute gift ideas for those who

Socks that plant trees! Every item bought on TenTree plants a tree! How cool is that? #tentreeambassador
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For those who are looking to get some survival skills. This year, people must have thought I was getting ready for the apocalypse because my list included books like the above.
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How flipping cute is this little seed starter kit? Grow your own mini trees to add a little bit of zen to your life!
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This absolutely ridiculous cookbook. I mean, I don’t even care what the recipes are, I want it. Now, that’s marketing.
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