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How to Make a Tree Skirt out of Doilies

There’s nothing I love more a good doily. For my wedding, I had them acting as table runners with books sitting atop, daisies bursting with deightfulness. I had made my Baba make a lot of doilies for the wedding and had them sitting in a drawer in our spare room, wondering what to do with them. I went back and forth on ideas for a while until I was looking at tree skirts for our Christmas tree this year. Doilies! That would be perfect! And, A LOT easier than I originally anticipated. I had assumed that I wouldn’t get this tree skirt done until after Christmas because it would be such a pain. Turns out, all you need is a day.

Lay them out the way you want. This is the hardest part because you’ll keep changing your mind and wondering what type of styles to do. I chose to go with a ‘messy’ kind of style with the different sized doilies intermingling together.

Remember to leave room at the back so you can open it as well as room around/in the middle for it to fit over the tree stand.

I used a tree skirt to measure out how big it should be and to use as the general outline. I also sewed it to the tree skirt a couple of times so make sure you dont do that!

How to make a Christmas tree skirt out of doilies | Luxuriously Thrifty

Sew them together. You can also crochet them together if you’re fancy like that and know how to crochet these things together. I don’t, so I went with the simple sewing each together through the already open loops.

Sew them one at a time, adding each doily as you go. I overlapped a few because that’s the style I wanted, but if you want them to mesh, make sure you only sew the edges together. This would take a little longer as you’ll have to constantly keep laying them out to make sure they are looking exactly as you wanted.

Once you’ve got all of the doilies sewn together, with a hole in the middle for your tree stand and one side open, create an easy-to-open back. To tie everything together and make it stay together, grab a thin piece of ribbon, twine, or yarn (what I used).

How to make a Christmas tree skirt out of doilies | Luxuriously Thrifty

Loop through like shoes/skates and tie a bow. Do this 2-4 times, depending on the size of your skirt. Mine only took two to keep it together. If it’s big enough and you don’t have any cats who will fuck things up, you can also leave it open, overlapping a bit in the back. The best part about DIYs is that you can do whatever is best for you.

Untie when it needs to go on the tree, retie it and enjoy!

Unfortunately, I ended up having to twist mine around so that the tied area is actually closer to the front, but it still looks great. Our tree stand is a little different than one that cascades nicely down, causing my skirt to get a little bunched up and a bit awkward in some areas. Because I was using my mom’s tree skirt as reference instead of my own tree stand, it didn’t turn out perfectly even on every side of the tree. But, that’s the perfect part of it and I absolutely love it.

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