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Tips for Keeping your Skin Looking Flawless During the Dry Winter Months

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This year is already so incredibly dry. Funny, because it rained an unheard of amount only recently and snow keeps showing up every few days. But, the winds are strong, the air dry and the winter months are upon us even though it’s still, technically, fall. Keep your skin looking healthy instead of parched with these tips.

Change it up
You should always change up your skincare routine from spring/summer to fall/winter. Your skin needs different things during each season and changing out a few key products can make your skin feel amazing.
Heavier moisturizers may be needed for your skin to feel better during the winter months, while your lighter ones work well in the hotter, more humid months of the year.

Exfoliation is so good during the winter months! Get that flaky, dry skin off and reveal smoother skin.
Aim to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. That means your face and your whole body. Try this super easy sugar scrub DIY for your face and body or pick a great exfoliator specifically for your face. Like this amazing one by Dr Brandt. I absolutely love it and it makes my skin feel and look baby smooth.

Masks are still important during fall/winter. While I still use my absolute favourite, the charcoal mask by Origins, I like to use more moisturizing masks during the winter months when my skin craves a little bit more.
Yours craving more moisture than you can give it? An overnight mask, or a sleep mask, gives you tons of hydration. Like this one by Origins.

While I don’t actually change my moisturizer in the winter months as anything heavier will cause me to break out, I do use more of it. I barely cover my skin with my day moisturizer, or opt just for sunscreen, but in the winter I’m slathering it on like I’m basting a turkey for a feast.
My moisturizers for both day and night are home-made (see the DIY here) and have been working amazingly well for me, keeping my skin looking fresh and clear.
Don’t feel like DIYing, or want to wait to until spring to get that good dandelion oil going? Try a moisturizer that matches your skin type. If you feel a little more dry in the winter, but oily/combination in the summer, try using a normal/dry in the winter months. Your skin may need the extra moisture. Your skin will tell you what you need and how dry it is just from your regular moisturizer, so listen to it!

Yes, you still need SPF.
While your skin may not be seeing a lot of sun every day during the winter months, sunscreen is a must when spending any time outdoors – even in the winter.
But, don’t use all those sunscreens filled with nano-particles that are ruining our oceans! Hawaii actually banned sunscreens that are harming our oceans, and especially, our coral. This includes those with nano-particles (basically every single sunscreen on the mass market).
I use Badger sunscreen in the summer months as my full sunscreen even on my face. Farmacy also has a great sunscreen for your day-to-day face care that I’m dying to try.

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