How to make shredded hashbrowns

Hashbrowns are my favourite side to make, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re super easy and delicious. I’ve put up my recipe for making restaurant-style cubed hashbrowns, which sound way fancier than they really are. But, now I’ll walk you through how to make the crème de la crème of hashbrowns: shredded hashbrowns.

Put on a pot of water to boil.

Peel your potatoes.

Pop them into the boiling water and partially boil your whole potatoes. This usually takes about 5 minutes.

Take them out of the water and let cool for a minute or two. You can go right ahead with them when they’re piping hot, as I often do, but you’ll definitely end up with burnt fingers, as I often do.

While your partially boiled potatoes are cooling, get a pan ready and hot with some oil (or bacon grease if you’re feeling like clogging up those arteries with even more deliciousness). You’ll want your element to be medium-high.

How to make shredded hashbrowns | Luxurio

Grab your cheese grater and shred your potato into the pan, covering the whole bottom of the pan in a light to medium layer of potato.
You don’t want to make it too thick as it won’t get that nice crispy on the outside, softer on the inside vibe of shredded hashbrowns, but will get pretty mushy. Although, mushy shredded hasbrowns are still good.

Cook for a few minutes until you see brown start to peek through the shredded potato, flipping to brown both sides.

Serve and enjoy!

How to make shredded hashbrowns from scratch. So simple and delicious! | Luxuriously

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