High-rated low-waste deodorants on Etsy

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The fight against aluminum deodorants isn’t new and isn’t what lead me to buy a new deodorant. I’ve been a sweaty person for as long as I can remember and have tried crystal deodorants, and anything else in between, before crystals were popular. Unfortunately, the only thing that worked for me was the deodorants full of everything everyone hates and encassed in plastic tubes.

Maybe now that I’m not a teenager anymore, my body has decided to calm down and I can – finally – try out some natural deodorants. One in a plastic tube didn’t work at all for me, and I thought I found my new favourite in the Lush bar…until I ended up with an angry rash. Turns out, baking soda and my skin doesn’t mix well, at least not for prolonged periods of time. If your skin doesn’t mind baking soda, I highly recommend the Lush bar as I didn’t smell one bit! But, there are also some great finds on Etsy, regardless of the way you like to stop your stank from coming through:


A baking soda deodorant that comes in a handy push-tube made out of cardboard and not plastic!


This is the one I used to use and absolutely love it! The only reason I switched from it is because I found a Canadian seller on Etsy with a great product.

It’s not made with baking soda, which as you know from the intro my skin doesn’t like, plus this deodorant works! I wanted something without a cardboard tube, basically as little packaging as possible. This comes in paper butcher’s wrap and fits nicely on a jewelry dish in my bathroom. It’s also made with tallow, so it is not vegan-friendly, but definitely skin-nourishing friendly!


This bad boy comes in a tin and is also baking soda free. Simply rub under your arms (or wherever else you need!) and away you go. This is my new deodorant and I’m loving it! I bought the scent ‘Hatchet’ and it smells so woodsy and wonderful! I wasn’t sure if I would like the tin aspect of it, as my other go-to deodorant was package free and worked pretty similar to a regular deodorant stick, but it turned out it’s not a big deal! Plus, is way easier to transport.


Comes like the tin above, but in a cardboard tube like the push-tube one. Still need to apply with your hands. Made with sodium bicarbonate, which is just a fancy way of saying baking soda.


Some people like a powder instead of a cream or a stick, so this one’s for you! Talc free and scented like a Hippie Goddess instead of like a baby’s bum.

Low-waste deodorants found on Etsy | Luxuriously Thrifty

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