3 ways to preserve dill

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Ah, dill. Is there a better herb in the culinary world? Maybe. But, definitely not my world. Dill and onions frying in a pan smell so comforting and welcoming to me. Fresh dill can be a pain in the ass to find and often comes in heavy plastic packaging at the grocery store. While some of my preserving ways are still using plastic (use it all before you start using a low-waste alternative!) the footprint of me walking from my home to my garden is literally my footprints in the grass and dirt.

After two harvests of dill, it’s time to start preserving as much as you can; no one wants to waste delicious dill. Don’t have a garden? Stock up at your farmer’s market and keep that feeling of fresh herbs in the summer all year long.

Freezer Dill
This one is my favourite and the way I usually preserve my dill. It’s so easy and stays nice and fresh tasting, even if you pull it out a year later.

Step 1. Grab some dill from the garden.
Step 2. Wash your dill and dry it.
Step 3. Add to a Ziploc freezer bag, reusable freezer bag (I love Stasher bags! They come in fun colours and work so well. They’re a little pricey, but worth the splurge) or tupperware you don’t mind freezing.

Dill Butter
Put that in a pan, add some onions, and you got yourself some Ukrainain potpourri.
Dill butter is something that I never realized was a thing until recently. I make my own garlic spread, but never thought to do dill butter! I know, crazy. It’s so simple to make and you can freeze it, allowing you to have delicious buttery dill potatoes whenever you please.

Step 1. Grab some dill from the garden.
Step 2. Wash that dill and dry it.
Step 3. Chop it up. And, as Snoop would say, no sticks or stems. We just want the fan-like pieces in our butter.
I did about 1/4 cup of dill to 1 cup of butter.
Step 4. Add to butter and mix well.
Step 5. Store in container for fresh use or pop into the freezer to be used over winter. This lasts about 6 months. After that, it will start to get a little mouldy. You can also freeze the dill butter for future use!

3 ways to preserve dill for delicious, fresh-tasting dill all year | Luxuriously Thrifty

Dried Dill
This would be the same as the stuff you buy in the store, but better because it came from the garden and didn’t cost $3-$7. This is my least favourite as it isn’t as potent as fresh, frozen, or butter. But, we always have some on hand because it’s easy to shake out and add to meals for a light taste.

Step 1. Grab some dill from the garden
Step 2. Wash that dill and lay flat for 24-48 hours to dry it out.
Step 3. Chop it up and add to a jar. I like to reuse the spice jars I get in the store so it has the shaker lid, but you can also buy mason jars that come with lids here.

3 ways to preserve dill for delicious, fresh-tasting dill all year | Luxuriously Thrifty

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