How to make a decorative marble tray

Super easy DIY marble tray | Luxuriously Thrifty

I love trays, serving boards and adorable cutting boards. I love anything that adds a little bit more excitement to the kitchen and looks good on your counters. My husband hates having things on our counters, but since he’s not in the kitchen as often as I am, that’s his annoyance to deal with.

Making your own marble tray is super easy and can dress up any coffee nook, bar cart, make-up station, or desk. This easy DIY is made with samples that I had lying around the house (doesn’t everyone have massive amounts of samples stacked up in their spare room?), some glue and spray paint. You can buy all of the supplies at your local hardware store for only a few bucks, except the glue. That stuff costs a small fortune, but is so versatile. Feeling extra fancy? Buy your handles from Anthropologie for some additional flair.

What you will need:

– tile

– polyurethane glue

– drawer pulls

– furniture pads

Step 1. Clean off your tile or stone. I used a quartz block.

Step 2. Add a couple of furniture pads to the bottom of your tile/stone. This will protect it and your counters from getting strached. It also makes a nicer landing than dropping a tile or stone onto another surface.

Step 3. Spray paint your handles (optional). If you like the colour you bought, happily skip this step! Give your handles a couple of coats, making sure you evenly paint them. Don’t turn them over until they are completely dry so as not to end up with any undesired marks.

Step 4. Glue your handles onto your stone/tile. Since we are gluing these, keep in mind that if your tile/stone is heavy, adding things onto it will make it even heavier, which means the glue may not hold up, causing your tile to separate from the handles. Polyurethane glue is incredibly strong, but it’s still good to keep in mind that if you are wanting to use your tray as, you know, a functional serving tray, screwing your handles in would be the best option.

Super easy DIY marble tray | Luxuriously Thrifty

Step 5. Wait until the glue is fully dried, then add to your decor!

Super easy DIY marble tray | Luxuriously Thrifty

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