How to Make a Wood and Stone Plant Stand

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One of the simplest DIYs that looks so chic! If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t you probably should), you already know that I refuse to buy an actual plant stand, and instead, put together some make-shift plant stands, that I must say, turn out pretty nice. Like this one here. This is the closest I’ve come to an actual plant stand. And, it took me an evening (minus the dry time) to make!

What you will need:
– stain
– piece of wood
– marble or stone blocks
– drop cloths
– rags you are okay throwing away
– brush for staining (or a rag)
– finishing spray that is weather resistant or water proof

Step 1. Grab a piece of wood and cut it to desired dimensions. I ended up using a scrap from a shelf that I made for my herbs in the kitchen.

Step 2. Stain the wood. You can do this by brushing on the stain and wiping any excess off after about 10-20 minutes, or by rubbing on with a cloth. For a more detailed stain tutorial, check out my recent post on updating my old built-in planter.
I chose Dark Walnut from Minwax as I had a lot of it left and works well for a lot of projects. It’s nice and rich and dark and looks great against the stones.

Step 3. Wait 4-5 hours in between coats and then wait 8-10 hours for your stain to be completely dry. Once dry, spray with a protective coating. I use this for all of my projects.

How to make a wood and stone plant stand | Luxuriously Thrifty

Step 4. Glue your stone samples to the bottom of your shelf. I ended up with a bunch of free samples and have been pissing off my husband with stacks of marble and tile in our spare bedroom. You can purchase samples from a hardware store or specialty store.

How to make a wood and marble plant stand | Luxuriously Thrifty

Wood glue that holds anything together? Yes, please. This is what I used.

Step 5. Your stones will be slip sliding all over the damn place, so either clamp them, place heavy books on top of the stones. Or, do what I did and wait for them to dry a little bit and then turn your plant sand right side up and place said plant onto the stand, ready to go!

How to make a wood and stone plant stand | Luxuriously Thrifty

Such a super simple DIY that will take only a small chunk out of your weekend and will be ready for use by Monday!

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