How to Make Cookies on the BBQ – Yes, the BBQ

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I’ve decided to make a little challenge for myself this year and cook a lot of the things I normally would in an oven on my BBQ. There are, of course, easy things like meats and french fries, but also some surprising things you wouldn’t think to cook on the BBQ. Like nachos. (tutorial on that one coming soon!) And, cookies. Yep, you can make cookies on the BBQ. All it takes is a little more observation and a lot more than just throwing the dials up full blast.

Usually, you’ll pre-heat your oven while you start mixing up the cookies. But, because BBQ’s are so quick to get hot, we’re going to start it AFTER we finish our cookies.

How to make cookies on the BBQ | Luxuriously Thrifty

Grab your favourite cookie recipe and get stirring!

Once your recipe is followed and happily waiting in the bowl, start that BBQ.

Keep it at the 250 – 350 range. I did this by turning off all but one burner and keeping it at a low-medium setting. At times, it would get up to 400, but it was okay. Because there’s no light in there to check without disturbing, you’ll end up letting heat out when you check on your cookies.

Next, lay down a BBQ-proof silicon baking sheet on the top rack of your BBQ. The bottom rack (the main grilling area) will be far too hot for cookies. The bottom will burn and the tops will stay squishy. Not the best cookie.

Put your cookies on the sheet as your normally would in the oven.

Then….the part that gave me a little bit of anxiety when I first tried this…close the lid!

You’ll most likely end up checking your cookies A LOT on your first batch because 1. it’s really exciting (this is what I get excited about) and 2. you may be worried that you’ll burn them all. It’s okay. Check away! Once you feel a bit better about your cookies sitting on a BBQ, check them every 5 minutes.

For best results, keep your dough cold. Leave it in the fridge, or at least the house. A few of the cookies I made when I had forgotten the dough outside turned out a little not so perfect. Still delicious, but didn’t hold their shape.

How to make cookies on the BBQ, enjoying a treat while keeping your house cool! | Luxuriously Thrifty

Bake for approximately 15 minutes, or until they turn that nice golden brown. Some may take a little longer, like the ones that are further from the burner(s) that’s on.


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