How to Freeze Rhubarb

Freezing Rhubarb. How to preserve rhubarb | Luxuriously Thrifty

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Rhubarb season is, finally, here! It took a while for my rhubarb to be ready to use, and honestly, it still looks a little worse for wear this year, but I can start making some delicious recipes. Usually, most people end up freezing their rhubarb when they’ve run out of things to make and are sick of eating rhubarb for the last few weeks. I start freezing my rhubarb as soon as it’s ready to harvest. I’m in no mood to bake anything when it’s sweltering out, so I freeze the first batch or two of rhubarb that’s ready.

Freezing rhubarb is insanely simple and can take you just minutes to have your rhubarb chopped and popped into the freezer.

Grab your rhubarb stalks. Don’t worry if some are smaller than others, sometimes it’s not a good year and the stalks are a little thin. They still taste good!

Wash off any dust or dirt.

Chop into pieces, keeping them as 1-inch chunks, or smaller if you’re planning on using smaller pieces in your future baking.

Spread out on a baking sheet and put the whole thing in the freezer.

Freezing Rhubarb. How to preserve rhubarb | Luxuriously Thrifty

Let freeze for about 30 minutes, or until your rhubarb is hard and frozen. This will help keep your rhubarb from freezing into one giant mass and making it easy for you to grab a handful for smoothies or baking.

Once frozen, divide up into freezer bags. If you want to be able to grab a bag and dump for recipes, measure out your rhubarb for the respective recipes and write the size on the outside of the bag, making it even easier on yourself.

Supplies Needed:

Throw into the freezer and use as needed!

I’ve yet to try any reusable freezer bags as I’ve lots of plastic freezer bags to use up in the meantime, but I’ve been circling around some silicone bags that keep popping up. Let me know in the comments your tried-and-true low-waste way of freezing fruits and veggies!

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