Why the Golden Girls should be your role model(s)

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I’m going to come right out and say it: Golden Girls was the best show, ever. It has Betty White as one of the main stars, and honestly, that’s all you need. It was funny, heart-warming, and just made you feel good about yourself and the world.

While it had some pretty good quips and some pretty bad jokes, these women are more than just hilarity wrapped up in a half-hour sitcom. They’re the type of women you should aspire to be. They may have made a few too many fat jokes (to women who weren’t even close to being overweight) and there were a couple of cringe-worthy moments peppered throughout seasons, as it was the 80s after-all, but the take home from every show is how independent and strong women can be. As long as they have cheesecake, of course.

Let’s start with the most ‘controversial’ one. Blanche is the sultry one of the group, the Belle from the South, completely made of stereotypes and sexual adventures. She isn’t ashamed of who she is, she isn’t ashamed of her body, and she sure as hell isn’t ashamed of sex. Somehow, even in a world full of naked Kardashians ‘breaking the internet’ and Samantha’s from Sex and the City, a woman’s sexual identity is still taboo. Blanche was before any of this and she showed the world that yes, a woman could be a lady AND enjoy sex.

Blanche doesn’t give AF about people’s views on her sexuality, she just wants it and a lot of it. She thinks you should have a lot of it, too, and doesn’t quite understand why people hesitate around the topic of sex. It’s as natural to her as her southern charm.
The girls do throw the occassional slut shaming her way, but she just laughs and finds another eligible bachelor to win over.

Their comments, though swathed in tight-lips and judgment, reek of jealousy. Blanche is the social butterfly of the group and often ready for any type of adventure, sexual or not. This is something Dorothy could never imagine and Rose could only imagine taking place with her husband. Blanche teaches us that it’s okay to be who we are, even if we’re not all sexual animals.

The lighthearted one of the group, Rose is often picked on for being a little…strange. St. Olaf stories are often met with groans, eye rolls, or complete shock at the fact that an entire town could be so stupid. The stories and the complete naivete of her character is what makes Rose so wonderful.

Rose is my favourite character, because Betty White. But, also because of her simplicity. She’s happy for any day, she loves animals, and is ready to help anyone in need. In a world being taken over with sass, complaints, and holier-than-thou mentalities, Rose is the type of person everyone should strive to be: nice.

Rose is a refreshing choice of personality on the show and balances out Blanche’s antics and Dorothy’s pessimistic take on life. She sees the good in people, no matter their walk of life and doesn’t let people’s comments about her silly upbringing get her down. She loved her life, was proud of her life. It never seemed weird to her that she would sleep in the barn with the animals, or leave her apartment because her landlord wouldn’t let her keep her cat. A cat she then gave away to a small boy because he needed the friend more than she did. Class fucking act.

Rose could never abandon a living creature and is always there to make sure they’re taken care of and happy. While Sophia is the ultimate Mom of the group, Rose is there whenever you need anyone to listen.

Dorothy is often seen as the bitch of the group, the Miranda, if you will. She grew up in Brooklyn, she married the man who got her pregnant, and later divorced his cheating ass. But, Stan is still part of the family, so she rises above it and gets on with her life. Well, with a quip or two.

When I first started watching the show I wondered how Dorothy could be so mean and awful to people, but then I got a little older and I get it. People can be the worst and Dorothy has dealt with her share of awful people in life. She’s been having to stand up for herself for years and has gotten pretty good at it.

Dorothy is always there to tell you to be honest, to be good, to do what’s right instead of what benefits you most. Instead of letting things slid in an office, or a relationship, she’s ready to take on the battle and point out that something isn’t right. She doesn’t take no shit and is there to remind us all to stop being whiney little shits. Life doesn’t work out the way you want it to, but that’s okay.

We often forget about the 4th Golden Girl, the mother hen, the Sicilian Princess.
Dorothy may be honest and truthworthy, but she would be nothing without the woman who raised her. Sophia doesn’t take no shit from anyone and is ready to tell you any issue she may have right to your face.

Even though all the women have grown up, married and had children of their own, they still come to Sophia for advice. And, she’s willing to give that advice, as long as it’s in a story. And, maybe a little exaggerated.

Despite her age and the time of which she grew up in, Sophia is incredibly accepting of others. She doesn’t care what your race is, whether or not you’re gay, or what you do with your life, as long as you’re not Stan.

If a little old lady growing up in the early 1900s can do this, why can’t the rest of us? Sophia teaches us to respect others, stop taking life so seriously and to always, always speak our minds.

While Sex and the City bolstered sexual progress with women, the obsession with men and fashion took centre stage. They were independent women who didn’t need a man…until they needed a man. The Golden Girls, while still in love with men and fashion, bring more personality to women. While they love a good date, and a sparkly dress, they are more down-to-earth. Maybe because they’ve lived longer and have already been through it all, maybe because they know that men and dresses and shoes aren’t the reasons to happiness, maybe because they’re more independent than they previously thought.

All of these women are strong as hell. Each of them had to start over in life at a time when they should be relaxing on cruises and beaches, looking forward to their grandchildren visiting and afternoon naps. And, instead of making it seem scary and stressful, they showed how it’s never too late to make new friends.

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