15 Easy Eco-Friendly Items you can Order from Amazon

15 eco-friendly items you can order from Amazon | Luxuriously Thrifty

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Going eco-friendly looks different for everyone, and a lot of it is really just reducing our waste and how much we buy. But, there are some things we will always have to buy. Environmentally friendly stores may have some great products, but with the prices as they are, not much of it is affordable. Luckily, Amazon has pretty much everything you’ll ever need. While it’s still best to buy local, and some of this stuff you can find at a farmer’s market or two, sometimes it’s just not feasible to stock up in a real store or a local one. Here’s my eco-friendly list of household needs from Amazon, room by room:


Clothespins. They’re a great way to help with the environment, no matter which kind you pick (even if you pick the plastic ones). I’ve heard amazing things about stainless steel clothespins and their durability – I’m excited to try them!

The wooden clothespin is the most traditional route when hanging up your clothes and often what people immediately think of when thinking of line-drying clothes. The best part is that they’re incredibly cheap. I end up breaking a lot of mine (but am saving the pieces for some fun crafts I’ve found on Pinterest) and end up having to buy a bunch every summer.

If you don’t like to line-dry your clothes (which is crazy to me. Sun-dried clothes smell so amazing. You’ll often see me jamming my face into a towel or shirt as I take it off the line) or you use the dryer in the winter, like we do, stop using Bounce sheets (or equivalent)! Grab some wool dryer balls, instead. I’ve a couple of plastic spiky ones that I’m loving because sometimes it’s we take our eco in smaller steps, but wool dryer balls are on my shopping list when the plastic ones are through.


Because, sometimes, you actually need a damn straw.

Yes, it’s plastic, but how often do you actually replace the jug? Not very. And, for all those of you out there still sucking down bottled water because it ‘tastes better’, just filter your tap water through the jug and away you go. It definitely tastes better.
Fun fact: I once made an ex of mine buy a Brita jug because I hate drinking tap water. #princess

Who knew that as we got older things like kitchen scrubbies would make us jump for joy? I used to just buy those plastic rounds for $1 at Wal-Mart and throw them out after every few uses, but once I got through my bag of those, I’ve switched to washable kitchen scrubbies. Life changing. Especially for someone who hates to use a kitchen scrubbie or cloth more than once. You can easily pop them in your next wash without having to worry about making more trash or having a smelly scrubbie sitting on your sink. I’m collecting them from all over and have even ordered some from a seed catalogue. Yep, I’m that old lady, now.

I know, I know! Method has SLS in it. But, their practices are on-point with greener living (at least thus far since they’ve been bought out by SC Johnson), they smell absolutely amazing, and honestly, after trying so many other kinds of dish soap, this is the conventional one I keep coming back to. I’m excited to try some of the dish soap blocks out there and will hopefully be making my own soon, but if you can’t make the switch just yet, Method is the way to go.

I have always, always loved wooden spoons. They’re just simply elegant and look beautiful sitting in an old mason jar or pitcher. Just remember that anything wood shouldn’t go in the dishwasher just in case it cracks and bacteria gets in.

I’ve started to develop a great love of cutting boards. While some are plastic, a lot of mine are turning into wood and they look lovely leaning up against the wall in your kitchen. I’m hoping to find some neat ones on my next trip. My souvenir game has jumped up a few notches in recent years.

I’ve been looking for a bread box for almost a full year now, and I think this may be The One! Or, my indecisive ass (with only the strangest things, like bread boxes) will hem and haw for a year or two.

Not into a box, or looking for a linen bag to bring your baked goods home in? These guys are cuter than all get out. My Christmas list is going to look all kinds of domestic this year.


I’ve yet to find a conditioner bar that works with my hair, so I keep on using what works for me: Live Clean. I love this exta body conditioner. It makes my hair feel great and smells beyond amazing.

Instead of buying make-up remover pads that you throw out each and every time you use them, grab a pack of bamboo pads that you can wash over and over again!

I made the switch to bamboo toothbrushes before I got rid of my plastic ones (don’t worry, I’m still using the plastic toothbrushes! I just like to make switches before I run out of my usual products just in case the eco-friendly one isn’t so great) and absolutely love them. Not only do they hella chic in my painted mason jar toothbrush holder, but they get the job done!


Pets make a lot of poop. And, we have to clean up that poop. Once you’re done using up all of your shopping bags, starting buying compostable bags so that your dog’s poop has a chance of breaking down in the landfill.

15 eco-friendly items you can order from Amazon | Luxuriously Thrifty

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