Things I’m Loving in the Month of June

A round-up of cool things for a chic June | Luxuriously Thrifty

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It’s June and that means yummy BBQ’s and mornings and evenings spent out on the deck without a sweater and a blanket. It’s not quite summertime hot, but it’s the perfect temperature to get that yard work done and relax without sweating buckets. Here are my cutest things I/you should own this month:

Lots of adorable clothes and shoes:

Okay. okay. I know it’s a Hawaiian print, but Hawaiian prints are back! I mean, as back as Hawaiian print can get when you’re not a Dad on vacation. All you need are some yellow sunglasses and a filter for all your cigarettes and you’ll have the coveted Hunter S. Thompson look down perfectly! Well, maybe it’s not that coveted.
I bought my Hawaiian shirt, in a wonderfully loud yellow, at Wal-Mart, but this one is just a little more stylish.

Because the night’s still get cool and a rain jacket just won’t cut it for clear skies. Linen jacket, yes, please!

These look like something I’d easily walk around town in 5 years ago, but now look a little intimidating. Still, the retro chunky vibe and the fresh yellow is calling to me.

Home Decor:

Super cute items from around the internet | Luxuriously Thrifty

I have a weird basic bitch obssession with throw pillows. I have some for every season to jazz up my regular pillows. Because you need some extra jazz when you’re dealing with throw pillow. These beauties would be perfecet for the cabin and would look cozy in the spring, summer and fall months!

Super cute items found around the internet | Luxuriously Thrifty

I love decor that is also functional. There’s nothing worse than having to decide between a really cute piece or some boring ol’ shelves. This cute mountain shelf looks adorable, and still acts as an actual shelf!

Outdoor Decor:

These bad boys are so frickin’ cute and on my list of solar lights to buy for the yard! They would look adorable hanging in a tree or over a garden.

The easiest way to have some cute mason jars hanging from trees in your yard. While there are tons of DIY’s, and I love me a good DIY, sometimes you need a little break and just have to buy the damn things.


I loved this book! Easy to read and it hooked you right from the start, making it a perfect deck or beach read.

Refresh your wardrobe and home this June with these must-haves | Luxuriously Thrifty

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