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The best place to hang a bee house in your yard | Luxuriously Thrifty

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I never really thought about bees until recently. Up until the last couple of years, bees and all other insects were just annoyances. As a kid, you were terrified of being stung by a wasp or a bee. You wouldn’t think twice about squishing the fuzzy insect because it was out to get you. There were so many of them swarming around the flowers and vegetables you were playing in, so they had to all go!

Now, we’re trying our hardest to save the bees. While a child killing one because they’re afraid it’ll sting her isn’t the reason they’re going instinct, I do my best NOT to kill these little guys, now. Although, they are quite stupid, I must say. When mowing the lawn of dandelions we have here, there are bees aplenty buzzing along. You’d think that when a big hulking machine that is making a big ol’ racket is coming near you, you’d buzz off, right? I mean, the ducks took flight the moment I stepped outside. A little overdramatic, but still. The bees? I was nudging the dandelions with the law mower tire and yelling at them to ‘please move, mr. bee, I don’t want to run you over’ like a complete nutty hippie. Not the smartest, but essential.

by Wudwerx
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Pollinators are vital to our ecosystem, else how do you think food will ever grow? This year, I’ve been doing my best to add more pollinators to my garden and I think it’s working! I’ve left the dandelions to grow in my yard, harvesting them for skincare products and jelly. I’ve planted various perennials that bloom early to late summer. I’ve done my best to plant an entire meadow in the orchard, but without any rain it’s looking a little lackluster at the moment. And, of course, I’ve put up a Bee House. I bought mine from T&T Seeds, but I’ve included some super cute bee houses I found on Etsy!

I wanted one of these suckers for a couple of years now and when my seed bill had already hit $300, adding on a little bamboo home for the bees didn’t faze me. But, where to put it?

by thechemistsdaughter
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Find your Bee House a sunny location. South is always the best bet as it gets the most amount of sun.

Make sure it’s a warm spot. If you’re getting southern exposure, then it’ll be warm enough. If not, make sure it’s protected with significant sun exposure to keep it snuggly.

Keep it out of the wind. I’m not sure who even likes the wind (my cat is 100% against it), but bees aren’t going to happily crawl into a little home if it’s windy as fuck. Fair enough.

Where to hang a bee house to attract bees to your garden| Luxuriously Thrifty

Make sure it’s on solid ground. That means making sure that wherever you have hung your Bee House from, it’s sturdy. I nailed mine to the side of an old shed that looks aesthetically pleasing and hits all of the above.

Plant bee-happy flowers all around to attract more bees!

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