10 Farmhouse Chic Finds on Etsy

10 Amazong farmhouse finds

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I love that the farmhouse look is still going strong. It’s an easy look to DIY to and one of my personal favourites. I love all things wood and tea cups and lace and antique, so farmhouse decor just sort of naturally occured in my house.
This is my round-up of super cute farmhouse must-haves found on Etsy.

Farmhouse chic finds on Etsy
by UrbanAlloy

These are the cutest way to hang up your towels!

by UrbanAlloy

Super cute shelves that go well in any room, even if it doesn’t have a farmhouse vibe going.

by UrbanIndustrialCraft

This wall sconce is everything.

by ArtistrybyMaryRoux

These are so damn cute. I love the small pop of colour.

by VintagebyBoa

What’s more farmhouse than a dinner bell?

by HeapsHandworks

I have an obsession for tea towels. I have cute ones, plain ones, seasonal ones, I can’t get enough!

by DeeMacAndCo

So simple and cute and functional.

by MadisonFoundry

When you don’t have time to bake a pie, but want your house to smell as sweet.

by mailordervintage

Ridiculously adorable.

by ThisRusticHome

What farmhouse is complete without fresh lemonade?

10 amazing farmhouse decor finds on Etsy you must have | Luxuriously Thrifty

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