How to Make a Lamp out of an Old Birch Tree

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I love nature. I love to incorporate nature into everything I do, especially in my home decor. Branches, greenery or leaves can seem big and harsh outdoors, but when you bring them in, they can add a soft ambiance to the room. So, when there was a tree in our yard that needed to be cut down, I gleefully jumped at the chance to make tree slices as a ring holder in the kitchen, tree ornaments, and tealight holders. Except, one full tree makes A LOT of everything. I still had a couple more HUGE branches that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I didn’t want to just throw them in the burn pile and watch that beautiful papery bark burn; I mean, they’re BIRCH. That shit is expensive in the craft store.

At the time of The Cutting of the Tree, I was trying to DIY my way into a better lamp for our living room, which didn’t turn out as I had hoped. That lamp had seen some days and it was definitely time for an upgrade. I didn’t want to spend a couple hundred on some lamps I had my eye on, so my fiance husband suggested making a lamp out of the leftover birch tree. Obviously, I was delighted. The best part? It took just minutes to put together (but days until completion).

How to make a lamp out of an old birch tree | Luxuriously Thrifty

Step 1. Get your tree. I don’t like to tell people to cut down trees just for shits and giggles, so if there’s one that needs trimming, all the better! This can also work with any type of tree that’s to your liking, as long as there are a few branches sticking out.

Step 2. Clip off the branches that still have leaves on it, making sure to leave some short ones to hang your bulbs off of. If there aren’t many branches, simply cut off the leaves and shorten any branches that are a bit too wild.

Step 3. Clean off the cobwebs or anything else that may be crawling on it. Remember that this is going into your home, so whatever is on – or in – the tree is coming with it.

Step 4. Let the tree rest because spiders are craft buggers and hide in tiny crevices.

Step 5. Clean one more time and then spray it down with protective wood spray. This will help seal it. I did not use a true sealant, and if that’s what you’re after, go to town!

How to make a lamp out of an old birch tree | Luxuriously Thrifty

Step 6. Get two boards, measuring out the correct length for the height of your tree. This will be your base so your tree doesn’t topple over. For our 6.25ft tree, we used two 15.25in 2×4’s. Use a carriage bolt to bolt those bad boys together.

Step 7. Add string lights! I chose the Edison type bulbs (mixed with larger LED ones) that you would find on a patio, but made for indoor use. I like the soft glow it gives, but it didn’t provide the best of light. Which is why I used a mix of LED’s. The tree looks cute AND is functional.

How to make a lamp out of an old birch tree | Luxuriously Thrifty

Surprisingly, our cats haven’t been climbing the thing, but they do enjoy snoozing under it just like it was a regular tree outside.

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How to make a lamp out of an old birch tree | Luxuriously Thrifty

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