Things I’m Loving in the Month of May

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It is finally warm out! I’m so excited to spend time outside, just sitting on the deck and gazing out into the freshly tilled fields and the blue sky, a book in my hand, nary a page turned. No longer will I have to cram my yoga mat between the sofa and fireplace (which actually makes for a very cozy practice with the fire going). Nope, I’ll be able to do yoga outside on my deck and will soon be setting up in the soft grass under the circle of trees.

A Round-up of Things I'm Loving in the Month of May | Luxuriously Thrifty

Fire Ring
Bonfire season is nearly upon us, and hopefully it won’t be as dry as last year so we can actually have a bonfire! Our burning pile is getting out of hand and 3 Christmas trees are just too many to have waiting to burn. I ordered this bad boy about a month ago from Wayfair and it was super easy to set up and looks adorable! I’ve yet to use it (wind will be my nemesis!), but can’t wait!

A Round-up of Things I'm Loving in the Month of May | Luxuriously Thrifty

Rope Chair
After our hammock was half eaten by mice, I decided a new relaxation lounger would have to be purchased. I decided on this sweet rope chair after seeing it all over Pinterest and because it was much cheaper than a replacement hammock. I won’t lie, it’s a little weird to get into and out of at first, and I was disappointed when I first hung it up. But, the rope stretched out a smidge, I figured out my comfiest way to curl up and now it’s my favourite spot to sit and relax.

A Round-up of Things I'm Loving in the Month of May | Luxuriously Thrifty

Manitoba Forestry Association
These people are amazing. This is the second year that we’ve bought trees from them and they’re so incredibly affordable! We need A LOT of trees for our yard, so buying some at the greenhouse at $150+ a piece just won’t do. We ordered 20 seedlings this year and bought 22 gallon hybrid poplars on site. I can’t remember the exact amount, but we paid under $200 for 25 trees. A pretty sweet deal, I must say.
While you cannot order more seedlings for this year, brides can order some as their wedding favours!
Check out their website here and see the great things that they do.

*Yoga Wear
It’s warm out, which means yoga on my deck and in my yard! And, doing it in my underwear isn’t an option…

*Cute Stuff
These bad boys are I bought boring practical sandals this season, ones that I needed and that go with everything, but my heart is with these beauties!

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