Things I’m Loving in the Month of April

A list of cool and useful things for April | Luxuriously Thrifty

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Spring is in the air! It’s finally warm, the pastels are out in full blast, I haven’t had to wear big fuzzy socks in a while now, and best of all? Spring and summer jackets. April 25th is coming up and all you need is a light jacket, so make sure you have your parka tucked away and your light-weight jackets out!

Take a break from spring cleaning your house and yard with my favourite things this month (almost as good as Oprah’s…maybe…no one gets a car).

While I usually start some of my seeds in March, April is when I really get going. This year, I used a greenhouse and having been loving it. We keep our house cooler in the winter, so it was amazing to have a space for my seedlings to be kept warm and grow.
I was gifted my greenhouse, but you can spend under $50 and order a greenhouse off of Amazon. This one here is similar to mine, but it’s taller rather than as wide.

A list of cool and useful things for April | Luxuriously Thrifty

Grow Lights
If I thought using a greenhouse was amazing, grow lights made everything so much easier! I have tons of seedlings on my kitchen table and pots always on the go on my window-sill – I even had to make a shelf for MORE herbs and veggies, see here. My seedlings were happily getting a lot of afternoon light, but the grow lights helped out when our days were still getting dark around 6. Next year, I can start things off in the basement!

Elate Cosmetics
Oh.Em.Gee. I found an amazing cosmetics company that actually does good in the world. Easy, low-waste re-fillable cosmetics! Buy a bamboo palette and fill ‘er up with all your favourite goodies. The lipsticks come in a bamboo tube instead of a plastic one, and honestly, they make you feel pretty damn fancy. Best of all, they’re a Canadian company.
My favourites: Bloom Lipstick  and Abyss – Contour (which I use as a bronzer).

A list of cool and useful things for April | Luxuriously Thrifty

Embroidery Hoops
These things are so damn cute! You can make so many crafts with them, no matter the season. I made an adorable spring wreath a few weeks back and will be doing a little something with doilies later on.
They cost next to nothing and you can get as creative as you want!

*Cute Stuff
It’s finally dress WITHOUT tights weather! Let all the bright white legs out there rejoice! I wore a dress without tights a few days ago and it felt fabulous. I can’t wait to start wearing my spring and summer dresses! Unsure of the shoes to wear with your spring dress? Check out my round-up of the cutest spring shoes here.

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