Eco-living for the Everyday: Cleaning

Easy Tips for Greener Cleaning | Luxuriously Thrifty

Cleaning a little greener can be hard; there are tons of companies out there promising plant-based cleaning and no added harsh chemicals and eco-friendly everything. But, you don’t need to spend tons of money on fancy cleaning products that will promise you things and not deliver. There are so many easy ways to make your cleaning more eco-friendly without buying ‘green’ cleaners in plastic bottles.

Rags not Paper
Those paper towel commercials where people are washing dishes or cars or anything else that isn’t a spill or a toilet baffle me right out the door. Why would you ever use a paper towel when a rag does a better job?

Keep a drawer, or a cute canister, of clean rags in your kitchen for any spills, messes and regular cleaning.

Then, even more important than keeping a drawer or cute canister of clean rags is to keep a drawer, bucket, cute canister for your used rags. Because you may be like me and end up throwing them in a pile on the floor by the stairs, meant to be brought down with the washing, but never brought down because you forget and you’re a lazy as fuck. And, then one day, it’ll piss you off, and instead of getting a cute metal bucket (the easiest solution) you start using paper towels, again, because you’re sick of the mess everywhere in your house.

So. Get that glass jar or copper bucket and fill it up with the clean rags. Then, place that glass jar, or galvanized, or copper (or whatever adorable décor you’re going for) bucket wherever it suits you for all of those dirty rags. Pro tip: it’s perfect for throwing dirty dish scrubbies or tea towels into, as well!

Get Rid of the Swiffer
Stop throwing out your Swiffer pads every single time and turn to reusable. There are so many great ones to pick from. I use Vileda and Norwex to get my floors sparkly clean.
I love those two because you can wash them right after each use and they feel so much cleaner than a regular mop or a sponge, which is much harder to wash out after a clean.

Washable Scrubbies
Did you know there are washable scrubbies in this world?! I.Did.Not for the longest time. But, I got one as a present and have never looked back. First off all: I don’t have to buy any more scrubbies (honestly, one of the things I hate most); second of all: I don’t create more waste by constantly buying plastic scrubbies. I just use, wash, then use some more. Absolutely genius and easy to swap out.

Easy Tips for Greener Cleaning | Luxuriously Thrifty

Swedish Dishcloths
These little cloths can replace so many things! If you don’t have old T-shirts or towels to rip up into rags, then buying a Swedish dishcloth is perfect. I bought a few for the office and they are so handy and amazing! Stiff when dry, these bad boys are perfect for cleaning up spills, and once wet, are great for cleaning with.

Make your Own Products
You’re probably recoiling in horror at the idea of making your own cleaning products and I get it. Cleaning is already annoying, and unless you’re Monica Geller, adding an extra task won’t make it better. But! It’s really easy to make at-home cleaners. Like, really really easy.

All-Purpose Cleaner:
1 cups of vinegar
2 cup of water
Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and lemon.

That’s it. You’re ready to clean.

This all-purpose cleaner will leave sinks, tables, counters, floors spotless.

Grab a glass spray bottle, fill ‘er up and use anywhere you’d use your regular cleaning supplies.

Easy Tips for Greener Cleaning | Luxuriously Thrifty

Wood Polishing and Cleaning:
1 cups of vinegar
2 cup of water
1 tbsp of olive oil
Lemon Essential Oils…20 drops should give you that lemony fresh scent.

You’re done. That’s it. Those two cleaners will get everything in your house spotless and beautiful. Don’t worry about it anymore.

If you want a little Febreze action in your life, but aren’t into the actual Febreze, baking soda is your friend.

Fabric refresher:
1/2 cup of baking soda
Fill with water
5 drops of essential oils

If you have pets, PLEASE research what types of essential oils are okay to use and which are a big no-no. A lot of the popular ones, like eucalyptus and pine and peppermint are Big No’s for cats. Pine oil is popular for cleaning and is a Big No for dogs.

Essential oils that are bad for cats click here.
Essential oils that are bad for dogs click here.

Vinegar infused cleaners:

You can infuse vinegar with orange or lemon peels for a wonderfully fresh scent!

Grab a jar, fill it with your old peels about halfway. Add vinegar right to the top. Let sit for 2 weeks in the sun.

Use the same as the above, but instead of adding in the essentials oils, you’re already done!

So easy!

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