How to Revive Rubbery Vegetables

How to revive old rubbery veggies | Luxuriously Thrifty

Rubbery vegetables are the worst. You put your veggies in your crisper or your cold storage, happily thinking you’ll eat them in the coming days. Except, you forget about them. They’ve been in there too long, untouched, or you haven’t eaten all of them as fast as you thought you would. Instead of throwing them in the compost, you can bring those suckers back to life. Unfortunately….there is a fine line between rubbery and a little old vegetables and those that are doomed for the compost bin.

In order to keep your yummy vegetables crisp and at their max deliciousness, you just have to add a little water. There’s no need for moist paper towels or special plastic bags or anything else creative that would create more waste. All you have to do is put ’em in water!

Grab your not-so-appealing vegetables and put them into a tupperware. Cut if necessary to fit into a tupperware that won’t take up your entire fridge.

Fill halfway with cold water or until they are half submerged.

Leave in the fridge for an hour for crisp veggies right away, or keep in the fridge, storing them! Your carrots and celery will be back to their crunchy selves in no time.

I’ve even had a container I carefully packed and added water to leak on my way to work. There wasn’t much water left by the time I arrived, but I stuck them in the fridge, anyways, a glimmer of hope in my eyes. It still worked. My celery was delicious and crunchy instead of soft and floppy. Because no one wants soft and floppy anything.

When it comes to radishes, you can use the same technique. I simply pop them off from their green counterparts and put them into a bowl or tupperware of water immediately upon purchasing or harvesting from the garden. They last WAY longer and stay crispy fresh!

How to revive old rubbery vegetables

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