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Having trouble getting out of bed every morning? It all starts with your bedtime routine. Find a routine that works for you and your schedule and stick to it, every night. Even on weekends. Let me repeat that. Stick to your routine and the same time you go to bed even on the weekends. Yeah, things happen and night’s out turn into dragging your ass into your bed at 4am. But, if you’re not out, then try keeping your body in rhythm and going to bed at the same time as your weekday routine.

Set your Night Routine
Your night routine is anything that signals to your brain that it’s time to lay your head on the pillow and close your eyes. Shutting technology off an hour before bed is always a good idea, but listen to your body and what it wants. Some days, watching TV in bed is better for my system than anything else. But, usually, it’s anything to relax me.

Face masks, reading, talking to your partner, snuggling and telling your cat about your day, meditating, yoga. There are so many relaxing things you can do before bed that doesn’t involve screen time. Set the routine and stick to it.

Set your Morning Routine
I know, I know, enough with the routines, already! But, get a habit going and try to break it. Routines are much like habits, in that they are hard to break once you get used to them. Think about how you feel when you start preparing dinner or you put on make-up for a night out. Your brain already switches to how you normally feel in that moment. The same goes for waking up.

For me, my routine changes on the weekdays and the weekends. Weekdays are always: alarm/screaming cat, shower, brush my teeth, contacts, get dressed and ready for the day.
Weekends are always: wake to a screaming cat, light a candle, make coffee, sit in my chair and read or simply look out the window and relax. In the summers, ‘my chair’ often turns into the deck, the field, or the dock on my pond.

While I normally end up waking up at the same time as the weekdays, my chill weekend routine lets my body wake up slowly. Even though I’m up early, my chill routine lets me get my day started at the same time(ish) without really noticing it.

Find what your routine is. When I initially start my shower, I may be a bit groggy, but once I’m done, my brain has had some time to wake up and get its ass in gear. I’ve only been in the shower for 5 minutes or less, but it still wakes me up and signals that it’s the start of the day.

Set Only One Alarm
Or, only two if you’re really prone to sleeping through the first one. What is the point of setting an alarm at 5:00am, but knowing you don’t have to get out of bed until 6:45? Just set the alarm for 6:45 and get MUCH better sleep from 5 – 6:45 every morning. And while we’re at it…

Stop Hitting Snooze
For the love of fuck, just stop it. Do you honestly feel better after hitting snooze 5 times? Probably not. It’s often the same as the above numerous alarms; your body keeps waking, then you keep trying to sucker it back into sweet slumber, but then you just jam it awake every 5 or 10 minutes.

Try sitting up when your alarm goes off. You may end up sitting there for a few minutes while your brain figures out what’s going on, but you’re up. You’re sitting and you’re halfway there to the start of the day!

Pick a Better Bed Time
Everyone is naturally what they are. They’re a night owl, an early morning riser, or something in between. But, the day – usually – starts between 8 – 9am for everyone. That means it doesn’t matter what you are, you need to get to work before they fire you.
If you’re prone to staying up until the wee hours of the morning, only to angrily and groggily wake up the next day, start for bed earlier and earlier until you find that sweet spot that works for you and your body.

Some people feel amazing going to bed at midnight and waking at 6am. I am NOT one of those people. But, you could be. And, if that’s working for you, then that’s great! If staying up until midnight (or later) is definitely NOT working for you, try 11:30, then 11:00, then maybe come on down to the 10:00 sleepers like me. It’s magical, I swear.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to
Okay, before we get all ‘treat yoself’ on everything here, I’m not talking about spending money. Maybe it’s waking up earlier so you can get in a soft yoga practice, maybe it’s that delicious Starbucks (okay, so that costs money), maybe it’s getting to work early to get in a start before everyone comes in and takes away your time.

For me, on weekends, I absolutely love making my coffee. I love using my french press, I love the methodical rhythm of making an amazing cup of coffee. I love sitting down with it and actually enjoying it. Because, you should enjoy your coffee, taking your time in life, not just down it quickly and hope the caffeine kicks in soon.

The weekdays are a little harder to get excited for, because well, work. But, a treat from Starbucks or the thought of finding that super cute outfit for the day gets me out of bed. I know, lame. But, that’s okay! Sometimes, you don’t need something big and exciting to get you out of bed in the morning. You just need the little things in life. Even if that little thing is a cute pair of pants and blazer.

Meditate and Stretch
I dont know why I ever stopped doing this. A quick meditation and slow stretch can change your perspective on the entire day ahead. It also helps ease you into wakefulness.

For those of you who are never morning people, try doing things a little slower. Meditate for 5 minutes, do a quick couple forward bends.

You can even do it in bed (maybe sit up for the meditation so as not to fall back asleep!) and gently wake yourself without bolting upright in bed, eager to start the day.

how to have an easier morning | Luxuriously Thrifty

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